Tower Lord audiobook now available for pre-order

For those who like their fiction in audio form the pre-order pages for Tower Lord, as read by the inestimable Steven Brand, have now gone up on and

19 responses to “Tower Lord audiobook now available for pre-order

  • Gail Green

    Tried to pre order the book at Audible- this is the message i got

    “We’re sorry. Due to publishing rights restrictions, we are not authorized to sell this item in the country where you live.”

    I live in the US-

    • Anthony Ryan

      Sorry about that Gail. For some reason is linking to the Orbit (UK) version, something to do with their database I assume. The pre-order for the US version of Blood Song went up on June 1st last year so you may want to check back in two days.

  • Nate

    Yup, same here. Good news! Two of us are already planning on preordering it 😀

  • Jrock

    There’s a third!!! Great story! I’ve been checking for months for the audiobook. Pre-ordered the hard cover months ago!

  • Colin

    Still not available per Audible US chat. GRRRR. I ran many miles to Blood song. Looking forward to getting it if it ever is available….

  • JRock

    When is it coming to the US???? Very frustrating….so close….

  • Scott Sickmiller

    Same here, hope US gets it soon

  • Nick

    Would like to echo others. US audible is not available for pre order yet. Disappointing but I guess sense I will download it digitally the day its released any way its not terrible, just annoying.

  • Steve

    They are going to fix this in the next 21 days right? I still am unable to pre-order it on the US Audible site.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Certainly hope so. Not sure exactly when the US pre-order for Blood Song went up but I announced it on 30th June. All I can suggest is keep checking back between now and 1st July.


      • Babalo reda

        Thanks Ryan!

        Checked it today, still not available. Can’t wait to pre-order the audiobook!


        Babalo Reda

      • Babalo reda

        Pre-Order is now up for US version!

        Just preordered my copy, cant wait for July 1

  • mes09

    I can honestly say this is the book I am most looking forward to this summer! Hopefully it will be available for preorder on audible soon.

  • Michelle

    Unfortunately, I am having the same issues as the others with the “We’re sorry.” message. I’m wondering why it isn’t available to preorder the audiobook here in the U.S. yet. Blood Song isn’t my norm listening as books go, (I love the light witty banter of Terry Pratchett books), but I have to admit, as a bookworm in general, that this was brilliantly written and I am very excitedly awaiting the release of Tower Lord. My husband is a writer and seeing how hard he works gives me a much better appreciation for what you do and the effort it takes to create such works of art and imagination. I do not know if you have a wife and family, but if so, thank them for the time they also sacrificed for you to write your novels. Ready for Tower Lord!

  • Stephanie

    Yep, having the same problem here, but can’t wait to hear it!!!

  • Stephanie

    I FIGURED OUT HOW TO PRE-ORDER from If you type Anthony Ryan into the search engine on the audible website, there is an option for Tower Lord that has no picture. Just a gray block. You can click on this to PRE-order it. It will be released July, 1st. If you try searching by the name of the book, it brings you to the problem we all had before. Mine is officially PRE-ordered!!!!!

  • JRock

    Finally! It’s available in the US. 73 hrs I can’t wait. Hope the cover art becomes available before it’s released.

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