The Traitor – The Covenant of Steel Book Three

*Cover illustration by Jaime Jones ( Cover design by Lauren Panepinto (@Panepinto).

The Traitor the third and final book in The Covenant of Steel trilogy (book description to come), is now available in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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Book description:

‘Masterful… Ryan’s thoughtful characterizations and complex plotting are on clear display… Sends the series out on a high note.’ – Publishers Weekly Starred Review of The Traitor.

The Traitor concludes the ruthless and gripping epic fantasy series from New York Times bestseller Anthony Ryan, whose books have sold more than a million copies worldwide.

It’s been a long journey for Alwyn Scribe. Born a bastard and raised an outlaw, he’s now a knight and the most trusted advisor to Lady Evadine Courlain. Together they’ve won countless battles and helped to bring order to a fractured kingdom.

Yet Evadine is not the woman Alwyn once knew. As puritanical fury increasingly replaces her benevolent faith, Alwyn begins to question what her true motives really are.

As the kingdom braces itself for one final battle, Alwyn’s conscience fights its own war with his heart. Now, more than ever, he must decide whose side he’s really on.

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