Sandrunners – A Draconis Memoria Short Story


The stand-alone ebook edition of ‘Sandrunners – A Draconis Memoria Short Story’ is available for free as thank you to anyone who joins my mailing list or you can buy it from the following retailers:  –  –  Kobo  –  iBooks  –  Nook  –  Google Play

Any readers of The Waking Fire curious as to what exactly happened during the oft-referred to Wittler Expedition should check it out. In this prequel story, newly graduated Blood-blessed Ethelynne Drystone accompanies the Sandrunners Independent Contractor Company on a dangerous mission to the Arradsian Interior, intent on finding the lair of the legendary White Drake.

Thanks to Aaron Randall for the cover art and design (

The story is also still available as part of the Legends II Anthology in ebook and print.

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