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Blood Song – UK ebook Now Available for Pre-Order

The UK ebook version of Blood Song is now available for pre-order, with a release date in mid-April. The UK hardcover will be available on 4th July. This means my original listing on will disappear over the next few days. This edition is the edited version which has benefited from the input of my editor at Ace and their copy-editing and proof-reading team, so there are a few changes from my own self-published version. However, fans of the original should rest assured that the changes are not extensive and consist mainly of some grammatical tweaking, expanding one chapter a little and reducing another even less. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who can spot all the changes.

Also, I can now reveal the final version of the UK cover. Enjoy:


Blood Song nominated for the BookSpotCentral Annual Book Tournament

I’m pleased and flattered to announce that some kind person (not me, honest) nominated Blood Song for the 7th Annual Book Tournament on the BookSportCentral Blog. There are 64 books in the tournament with two books fighting it out in each voting round. In round one I’m up against Dark Eden by Chris Beckett. Voting starts on Thursday 21st March so anyone wishing to show their support for any of the fine works listed please stop by and cast your votes.

Blood Song – US cover

Blood Song US Cover

Thanks to John for noticing this on the Eidelwess catalogue site – guess my publisher forgot to include me in the mailing list. Anwyay, here it is, hope you like it. No artist info yet, but I’ll post it if and when I get it.