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The Story Behind Blood Song – Guest Post

Check out my guest post on about the inspiration and influences behind the writing of Blood Song.

Blood Song – More Signed Hardcovers

For those who missed out on the Goldsboro Books offering, Analecta Books have some more signed hardcovers of Blood Song for sale. No idea how long they’ll stay available so order quickly if you want one.

My Top 5 Movie Sword Fights

Check out the Orbit website for my top 5 movie sword fights.

Blood Song – Video Review

Thanks to book blogger Faye D’Social Potato (real name if ever I heard one) for providing the first video review of Blood Song:

Also check out her blog at:

Reddit AMA

The page for my AMA on Reddit is now active:

Anyone who creates a free Reddit account can ask a question or make a comment.  I’ll be online to start answering questions at from 6pm CST (11pm in the UK). However, as noted in the intro, questions about the release date for Tower Lord will be ignored.

Orbit Website Interview

Check out the Orbit website for my latest interview:

Blood Song – UK Hardcover Released

The UK hardcover edition of Blood Song is now available. Thanks to everyone at Orbit UK for making it happen and to James Long for his excellent summary on the Orbit website.

Where to buy:

The Hive Network (support your local bookstore – also, despite the author description, I’m not a doctor).



Penguin Website Guest Post

Check out the Penguin website for my guest post: The Long Overnight, or How I Became a Published Author, for the story of my journey from self-published nobody to published some guy you may have heard of but probably not.

Qwillery Interview

Check out my latest interview on the Qwillery Book Blog (NB the cats thing is just a joke, goats work much better):


Blood Song – US Hardcover Released

The US hardcover edition of Blood Song is released today. It’s been a long time coming and thanks to everyone at Ace who worked hard to make it happen. Whilst the text has benefited from Ace’s editing process it remains substantially the same book as before with one chapter slightly expanded and another slightly reduced. There are also two new appendices: a dramatis personae and an explanation of the rules of Keschet, which keen eyed readers will remember as Princess Lyrna’s favourite game.

Where to buy: Blood Song (A Raven’s Shadow Novel)
Barnes & Noble
Indiebound (support your local bookstore)