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Blood Song US Cover   Tower Lord cover  91zyIa19GpL

waking_fire_front mech.indd























BLOOD SONG UK Cover     Tower Lord UK cover   QUEEN OF FIRE HI RES (4)















Blood Song German cover   Tower Lord German cover

Queen of Fire German cover























71Ap+SLdDxL__SL1500_   Tower Lord French cover  Queen of Fire French Cover












Tower Lord Dutch Cover













Czech Republic

Blood Song Czech cover   Tower Lord Czech cover  














VE-borito.indd   VU-fedel.indd  

Queen of Fire Hungarian cover













Blood Song Turkish Cover   Tower Lord Turkish Cover




          Blood Song Russian cover       




   Tower Lord Brazil Cover  













Blood Song Taiwan cover   Tower Lord Taiwan cover

QoF V1 Taiwan cover

QoF V2 Taiwan cover













s28356506   s28030843




Blood Song Japanese cover   Blood Song Japanese Vol II              





Blood Song Romanian Cover





6 responses to “Cover Gallery

  • Ernesto

    What happened to Spanish?

  • Al Rimol

    Hello Anthony; It has been a while since I have last posted. As always thank you for Tower Lord, it was wonderful. I appreciate that you post the various book covers in here.

    I always envision Vaelin more the first Blood Song cover art that you have displayed. After viewing them all I would say my favorite two covers are Taiwan and the UK Tower Lord. I was wondering if you had a favorite book cover, or if you ever get to give any artistic input?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Al,
      I get to consult on the US and UK covers but my publisher has the final say. Favourites wise I’d probably plump for the Hungarian cover, mainly because it directly illustrates a scene in the book. Obviously, they’re all great though.
      Thanks for the kind words,

  • Celine

    Hello Anthony! 🙂 I’m a huge fan of your books, I just wanted to tell you, as I live in an arab country, I have recommended your books to many but unfortunately not everyone is an English language speaker so may I ask if an Arabic translation of your book will ever be available?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Celine,
      No plans for an Arabic version as yet, it really depends on an Arabic publisher purchasing the translation rights from Ace. No takers yet.
      Thanks for the kind words, hope you like the next one.

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