Books by Anthony Ryan

Red River Seven

The Pariah – Book One of the Covenant of Steel 

The Martyr – Book Two of the Covenant of Steel

The Traitor – Book Three of The Covenant of Steel


The Wolf’s Call – Book One of the Raven’s Blade 

The Black Song – Book Two of the Raven’s Blade

A Pilgrimage of Swords – Vol. One of the Seven Swords

The Kraken’s Tooth – Vol. Two of the Seven Swords

City of Songs – Vol. Three of the Seven Swords

To Blackfyre Keep – Vol. Four of the Seven Swords

The Waking Fire – Book One of the Draconis Memoria


The Legion of Flame – Book Two of the Draconis Memoria

The Empire of Ashes – Book Three of the Draconis Memoria

Sandrunners – A Draconis Memoria Short Story


 Raven’s Shadow Book I: Blood Song

Blood Song US Cover

Raven’s Shadow Book 2: Tower Lord

Tower Lord cover

Raven’s Shadow Book 3: Queen of Fire


Songs of the Dark – Short Fiction from the World of Raven’s Shadow

Many Are the Dead – A Raven’s Shadow Novella

The Lord Collector – A Raven’s Shadow Novella

ebook_The Lord Collector_1700px 2500px_300DPI

A Duel of Evils – A Raven’s Shadow Short Story

A Duel of Evil Cover Final

The Lady of Crows – A Raven’s Shadow Novella

Fire Wings – An Illustrated Fantasy Novella

Slab City Blues: The Collected Stories

Slab City Blues

SLB1 cover

Slab City Blues: A Song for Madame Choi

SLB2 cover

Slab City Blues: A Hymn to Gods Long Dead

Slab City Blues: The Ballad of Bad Jack


An Aria for Ragnarok – A Slab City Blues Novel

An Aria for Ragnarok - EBook 1563 x 2500

213 responses to “Books by Anthony Ryan

  • Brad Steinmeyer

    I read 40-50 books a year for the last 25 years and Blood Song was by far one of the best.

    Thank you

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Brad. 40-50 books a year? I’m lucky if I manage ten.

      • Dustin

        o.O I’ve read over 50 books since Christmas lol. Wonders of a kindle fire.

      • Marcus Transue

        Hello Mr. Ryan,
        I just wanted to thank you for amazing work with Blood Song and I can say that you rank right up there with Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson and all the big names I can think of in the ability to keep a reader tied right into your story. I have spread your name to all my friends and acquaintances in Japan and will do the same with my friends in the states. Can’t wait for book 2 and hope to see your name much more often!

        Marc and Erin USN, Yokosuka Japan

      • Grand

        What the… fluff?

        I guess I’m extremely lucky. 2’000 books in 2 years for me.

  • John Morber

    Just finished Blood Song. Loved it. You should charge more though. Its worth alot more then your asking. :-). Any publisher would have released it hardbound. It is that good. Just downloaded your Slab books can’t to read them.

    • Angel

      No he up there with David Eddings. Reading then getting his audio book and just lost my self. Ty Mr Ryan’s for a great book

  • Anthony Ryan

    Thanks John. I hope to get more Slab stories done when Tower Lord is out of the way. Stay tuned…

  • Patricia Foran

    I read 40-50 books a year as well for at least the last 50 years and I have to agree with Brad that
    Blood Song is wonderful. I have just finished the first two Slab stories, have purchased the third and plan to spend a great afternoon reading it. Rest assured, I will be waiting for all of your future publications. Keep up the great work.

  • Mark

    Just finished Blood song Book 1. Freakin good story brother, freakin good….

    I burn thru 1 or 2 books a week (long bus commute downtown!) – as good as anything i’ve read since Name of the Wind.. WRITE MORE!!

    • Darryl

      So Funny! I told my wife the exact same thing yesterday. Very well written!!! Just started the search to find out when the next book will be released when I found this site. I am reading about 2 books a week. The Kindel has changed my access to reading and finding books like this and keeps me coming back to look for more great books. When I finish a book like this it is almost depressing (ready for the story to continue), will wait anxiously for the next one! Thank you! BTW: Agree completely that this would make a great mini-series!

  • Christian Jones

    I picked up Blood Song last week. I’m reading it, along with my daughter and niece. The last time all 3 of us read a book together was the Hunger Games. Keep up the good work and I’m sure your title will continue to climb the Amazon sales charts.

  • Jim

    Like Brad I read quite a bit (probably more to the tune of several hundred books a year though). One of my major challenges is finding new content that is genuinely enjoyable.

    I’d just like to say that I very much liked blood song and I intend to check out your slab series as well. Keep up the good work.

  • rich

    cant wait for the next blood song

  • SAMK

    Blood song was awesome, though it really needs a good proofread. Can’t wait for the rest. I’ll proof them for you, if you like.

  • Natalie

    I just finished Blood Song, and it was by far the best book I’ve read all year! I am devastated that I finished it already and I can’t get the characters out of my head. Eagerly awaiting the next book in the series!

  • Andrew Peschar

    Just wanted to say I was very impressed with Blood Song. I think you have created a unique character in an engaging world. I was disappointed to come to the end and I will be as keenly awaiting the next in the series. Thanks for the great read.

  • David

    Blood song was great. When will book 2 come out? I read about 4-5 books per week cause I’m disabled and have plenty of time. You just need to proofread a little better. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Chris

    I read a lot and my favorite genre is the epic fantasy. It’s a challenge to find new authors when you finish a story and it’s getting harder to find truly fresh, unique stories that are well crafted. I saw your Blood Song on Amazon with 50 reviews all 5s and the Kindle price was like a ridiculous $3! It sounded interesting so I took a chance. I’m glad to say, ” You nailed it!” The day after you published this your life changed forever. Characters are interesting and authentic; the plot is perfectly complex and engaging; the narration and style was fresh and effective. I’m waiting for about 4 “next” books right now. Raven’s Shadow #2 just went to the top of my list. Congrats!

    • Anthony Ryan

      many thanks Chris – just waiting for the life changing money to arrive, no sign of it yet though. Sorry but there’ll only be another two Raven’s Shadow books rather than four.

      • kazshero

        I think Chris meant that there are several unfinished series for which they’re currently awaiting the next installment. I can relate! Being an avid fantasy reader sucks sometimes. I feel like I should add release dates to my calendar just so I have something to look forward to like birthdays, holidays or events.

        Like Chris Tower Lord has now been added to my evergrowing list. Congrats on a truly great book!

  • Daniel

    Blood Song was amazing. On par with anything I have read recently. Complex and new enough to keep me interested from start to finish. I can’t wait for he next book!

  • Cynthia

    Just finished Blood Song and absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the next one. Best of luck with your self published venture! I think your future is bright.

  • Casey Sletten

    I as many of your readers churn through books at a pace of 40 or so a year. All the praise is well deserved above, and I beleive the money will come. Having just finished Blood Song and now downloading Slab sereries, I can’t remember the a book that pulled me in with such a interesting set of characters and writing style. The book was inspiring, and even pulled my wife in as I would describe the sereis to her after reading. Hold out for a Showtime deal, when the decide they want a story to grab new subscibers. I truely believe this story is that good. My luck favro you.

  • Joe gorecki

    Blood song is great. Easily one of the best books I’ve read in years, thank you.

  • Laurel

    Just finished Blood Song and was completely enveloped in the story. Absolutely loved it. I will be downloading anything and everything I can find by you 🙂 Thank you for bringing such an awesome story into the world.

  • Chris Smith

    Hello Mr. Ryan! I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Blood Song. It was truly a well thought out and well written story. Many authors can do one of those, few can do both successfully but you have accomplished it. I look forward to the enjoying the rest of the tale. Best of luck!

  • Larry Piccirilli

    Finished Blood Song….loved it…,I do not usually read fantasy but this kept me glued to my kindle. When will part 2 be available.

  • namstoop

    Blood Song is well written book with the good story and detailed world behind it. Can’t wait the next volume.

  • Carmen Jones

    Like many of the other readers, I picked this book up on a whim. Once I started it, I just couldn’t put it down. So well written – I cannot wait for the second book. Mr. Ryan, I hope you write quickly!

  • Brett

    I needed a book for a trip, and I found Blood Song on Amazon for a way too low price. I just finished it, and it was one of the best books I have ever read. Thank you Anthony! I can’t wait for the next in the series!

  • corey Burgess

    I read 10 -12 books a week. I’ve read blood 3 times over the past 2 days. I think the story very sound and you write extremely well. Look forward to your next works. Thank you

  • Dave

    Hello! I’m about halfway through Blood Song and it’s great. I have one request, though. The map included with the kindle version is pretty small and hard to read ( a common problem with maps in kindle books). Could you post a higher resolution version here on your site somewhere? Thanks.

  • John Phillips

    What can I say but WOW!!! I cannot think of a compliment good enough to express my enjoyment of Blood Song. In fact, I would like to purchase a print copy that is signed in order to help you along the path of getting the money your work deserves. Blood Song is the best book I have read in years. I never take the time to post comments or reviews, but find myself compelled to do so after reading your book. I would also volunteer myself to proof or provide feedback for any of your future work. I’m off to purchase your other works now.

  • Lisa Foster

    Just finished Blood Song…Loved it…when will the second book come out? I am really eager.

  • David Blood

    Just finished Blood Song. It was great! I read a lot, and that was the best fantasy book I’ve read this year. From a business side, I think you messed up, tho. It was really long (which I’m fine with), but for $2.99, you could have split that into 2 or 3 books and made way more money.

  • Jill

    I never thought I’d find a book I liked more than Sword Dancer- but this is it. I read a ton and this beautiful tale is by far the best book I’ve read in years. I loved the character development- I loved the story. Amazing- I cannot wait for the next book as I was devastated when I finished Blood Song. If it was available in print I would buy it in hardback just to have it on my shelf. I would easily willingly spend more for then next installments. Your work is breath-taking and is worth every penny. Well done!

  • Nat

    I cannot believe publishers are not beating down your door to make this a new success story. I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Song, I stayed up all night to read it (am a speed reader, so loved the length) Brilliant work, cannot wait for the next installment.

  • Erik Hersman

    Really loved Bloodsong, can’t wait for the next one.

    I wanted to download the Slab series, and am wondering why you don’t have an APK file for the ones that aren’t on the Amazon store? It’s a lot easier to load those onto a Kindle.

    • Erik Hersman

      Okay, ignore my first comment for 2 reasons… just realized that Smashbooks has the book in multiple formats and that I needed a .mobi file not apk. 🙂

      Downloaded both and ready to roll on them. Thanks for making it so easy to read your work.

  • Karen

    Having now read (and listened to the podcasts) all the Slab City stories and read Blood Song, I have only one thing to say: More please!

  • Doyne

    I had to add to the smell of the crowd . . . er, I mean, the swell. Great, great story in Blood Song! I’m a retired tech editor, and while you’re light on punctuation and have some minor spelling errors, it didn’t detract from the story enough for me to NOT post very rare praise. Thank you so much for this wonderful tale, and when, oh-please-please-let-it-be-soon, when, is Book 2?
    (and if you’d like a free copy-edit, just send it to me first!)

  • trish

    just finished blood song…….you really should’ve of charged more. can’t wait til the 2nd book…wished ***spoiler alert*** didn’t have to die. trish

  • Madgeline Hamilton

    Absolutely loved, loved, loved this book. Read it from cover to cover in 1 day! Could not put it down. Will there be a sequel?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Madgeline – welcome to growing ranks of the the ‘read it in a day’ club. Re. the sequel, check the Tower Lord milestone posts for news. Rest assured, as ever, I’m working on it.

  • D. Cepulis

    If we filter out the HBO driven “Game of Thrones” retreads…Raven’s Shadow is now the #4 Epic Fantasy on Amazon, Kindle or otherwise. Great read! Keep up the writing and we will keep up with the reading.

    • Terry Mcghee

      Hey Cepulis, just curious about your opinion of Game of Thrones? Not trying to come across in a negative way, but your first sentence had me wondering if you liked the books or not. I loved the books, and as often is the case, the live action version of the books i loved has been subpar in comparison (still good tv though) most notably the complete changing of Greyjoy’s story arc. (makes me mad) Anyways, just curious on your thoughts because I thought the series deserves the accolades it has recieved so far despite the majority of people getting into them after the HBO show came out.

  • Jim Pitzner

    Anthony, I am a pretty prolific reader as well and Raven’s shadow is truly excellent. I think that you really have something there that will only keep on getting bigger. Did I miss the part where you said when book 2 is coming out? Please don’t be another Patrick Rothfuss with the epic wait times! I plan on reading your Slab series next.

  • Ramesh

    Blood Song was amazing! It was really a surprise 🙂 Beautiful story telling. I see that author has potential to be like RR Martin. Hope the next book comes out soon 🙂

  • Shantanu

    Hi Anthony

    Just finished the Blood Song. Loved it!! Eagerly waiting for the Book II. I presume, Tower Lord!!



  • sully204

    Just wanted to say that Blood Song is a fantastic work of fantasy. Great character work and good story. Looking forward to book two.

  • George

    I just want to say thank you for Blood Song. This was an amazong book and I look forward to reading more of your works in the future.

  • kno yeh

    Hello Mr. Ryan,
    I just wanted to say what a ridiculously good read “Blood Song” was, though I can’t say that I read it in a day – it took me three but then I have two demanding little girls. Its been years since I couldn’t put a book down, it made me feel like a twelve year old boy again, devouring “A Princess of Mars.” So thank you. And I have to say that I am in awe of your talent. I kept saying to myself as I was reading “Blood Song,” I can’t believe how good this guy is – the narrative, characterization, plot, pacing, detail – so well done, so well woven together. You are not only a great writer, you are a Hell of an editor, as well. I look forward to reading your next novel, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that…

  • George Best

    Bravo! I can’t even express how much I enjoyed Blood Song. Up until six months ago I read everyday… But with all the same old, same old we see in fantasy these days I just grew tired of the monotony. That is until I gave the sample of Blood Song a try.. I was immediately hooked!! Is there a print copy available? If so where can I get one…and I would definitely pay whatever your asking for a signed copy to add to my collection.. It would go on my shelf of favorites, next to David Gemmell, Peter V Brett, Rothfuss and Sanderson! You should also consider an adio version.. I have several friends that only listen to their books on the way to work, and I would hate for them to miss out on this amazing book. Thanks, and keep it up!!

  • Jacob Westermark

    I take a bow! I can not put down in words how much I enjoyed Blood Song. It was very well written, great edited and is right now one of three book series (the other two being A Song of Ice and Fire and The King killer chronicle) I always recommend to anyone who asks (but also them who don’t).

    Anyway keep up the great work you are doing! I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

    Best regards from Sweden!

  • Greg Wynn

    Loved your book. Bought it on Kindle. Now looking for it in Hard Cover? Just hoping?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Greg. With luck your hope should be rewarded some time next year. Followers of this blog will know when I do.

      • John Phillips

        I don’t know about your other readers, but I would happily contribute to a Kickstarter project to publish a hard copy of the book. (Especially if it guaranteed me a first edition, hopefully signed.) You are definitely my favorite author.

  • Manuel

    I’ve been reading a lot of SCI-FI lately, a way of relaxing and de-stressing. I must have read 30 or 40 books in the past year. I bumped into your book “Blood Song” almost by chance (as I waited for the next Shannara book). I have to admit that I found it fascinating. I don’t usually leave comments about my readings, but you book was truly good and I really felt a compliment was due. Sorry there wasn’t a second book already out.

  • Anthony Ryan

    Thanks John. The print version of Blood Song, and successive volumes in the series, are now covered by my contract with Ace / Roc, so I’m not in a position to produce one myself. I hope in due course to offer signed copies for sale via this site, but that probably won’t happen for some time.

  • Dawn

    I am in agreement with many of the posters here. I read a lot and Blood Song is by far the best I’ve read for a long time. The style reminds me of Sherwood Smith’s Inda series, one of my favorites. Thank you! Write more! Charge more when you do! I’ll be waiting to read them 🙂

  • Dave

    Holy Crap – What a story. I bought it on Amazon as it had so many great reviews and it definitely did not disappoint! Great writing style, characters I actually cared something for and a great story. Like many above I go through a book a week and this is my book of the year so far. Fantastic. I am guessing the next book will be priced higher and I for one will not give a damn. Bravo sir!

  • Magnus

    Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome read! I have read quite a lot of fantasy and SF so I am kind of picky nowadays. However, with the Raven’s shadow I even had to do some “sneak reading” via the Amazon cloud reader when I actually shouldn’t be reading 🙂 Eagerly waiting more books from you. Keep up the outstanding work!

  • Tom

    Just finished reading Blood Song. Wow! What a fantastic find! I can’t believe that I found your book on Amazon Kindle’s suggested list and decided to give it a go because I was feeling cheap. The $2.99 price tag made me give an unheard of author a chance. I’m so glad I did. I read a lot of fantasy, and I have to say I would put this up with my all-time favorites such as George R.R. Martin, Michael Moorcock, Michael Stackpole, and Michael J. Sullivan. Bravo, Anthony. Bravo! I can’t wait to read Tower Lord.

  • Scotty

    Blood Song is the first book I’ve seen without any one star reviews on Goodreads…I need to read this. I take it there isn’t a hard copy version for sale anywhere?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Scotty,
      I’m afraid Blood Song will remain digital only until Ace/Roc release the hardcover, probably some time next year. Alternatively, you could download a pdf from Smashwords and print it off, but you might want to stock up on printer ink first.

  • Ryan G.

    Hi Anthony, fantastic work with Blood Song! A perfect combination of complexity and epic story-telling without getting overly complicated like Erikson or tangled up like George R.R. Martin!

    I just have one critique though (and this goes for many of the self and independent publishers) – what’s up with the book cover? It’s very simple really belongs more on a Dungeon or Dragons or young adult book. Give me an hour and I think I can design a much better cover (I’m a Graphic Designer) – one that depicts the epic narrative contained in the book but does not put off casual readers. I think you can sell a lot more copies with a better cover – let me know and I’ll do it in exchange for a signed hardcopy of the book!

  • Brandon Z

    I finished your book the other day and I really loved it! I do feel bad that the book only cost 3 dollars, so to make up for it I’ll definitely buy a physical copy when Ace publishes it and read it again. I can’t wait to read the sequel. 🙂

  • Dan B

    Hi Anthony, Can’t thank you enough for one of the best fantasy books, that I have read in some time. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the Blood Song series. You well deserve to charge more for your excellent work.

  • James

    I just wanted to say thanks for writing the best fantasy book I have read ………. well ever to be honest. I found this by chance searching on my Kindle and I am so glad I did . The only problem I have now is everything else I try to read just does not compare . I can’t seem to get the characters out of my head . Just amazing work . Thanks again.

  • Yamabuki Zhou

    These lonely songs
    Of tears and sorrow
    Painted with flowers
    Painted with blood
    Fill my frail heart
    Thanks for such beautiful writing
    — yamabuki

  • Clayton P.

    Outstanding in every element! This is well crafted work is epic fantasy at it’s finest. Could not put it down. I would echo Ryan G.’s suggestion above about the cover art though. This book with the proper marketing and cover should be a best seller. Feel like I got it at a steal for only $3. Book club on Friday, and this will be my selection for next week. Look forward to book 2, and hope that you see all of the success this work so richly deserves.

  • Uri Gilad

    Joining in on the hordes who loved battle song. A fantastic read! Complex, in-depth writing, I loved the characters and the tale.
    Also voting for the next installment as soon as you are able!

  • Scott

    AMAZING. I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and am on book 5 of the Wheel of Time epic, but i burned through Blood Song in 2 days, something i’ve never done with others. Can’t wait for Book 2!

  • Tesh

    Just finished Blood Song. Arguably the most gripping, coherent, and inspiring work of fantasy I have read. Wish it were prescribed reading for my Masters

  • Walter

    Mr. Ryan,
    Congratulations on your recent draft finish and your achievement in Blood Song. You are a gifted storyteller and I look forward to purchasing more of your work.

  • darren

    Blood song is such an epic fantasy,compelling storylines,fleshed out characters and a master crafted world to wrap it all in.I have read fantasy for over 40 years and i have got to say its been many a year since ive read a book of the calibre of Blood song.You sir MR Ryan are a star!

  • Jason

    Amazing read! I want to thank you for rekindling my love for fantasy fiction that sadly has been lost for the past few years. I was very psyched to read the Tower Lord milestone #6. Now my plan of mailing you a ridiculous amount of coffee in hopes of helping you finish faster seem unnecessary… I have made sure all of my friends have purchased a copy. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Marty

    Congrats on finishing first draft of Tower Lord. Just discovered your work and finished everything in the last month so looking forward to publishing date.

  • D

    Blood Song was an amazing read. A cross between the Name of the Wind and the Night Angels Trilogy. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Dylan

    Just read Blood song yesterday while i was pulling a 24 hour guard duty.. One of the best book’s I’ve read in a while, can’t wait for the next one, keep it up

  • Shawn Molello

    Wow, I dont usually write reviews, but wow. Blood Song grabs you by the neck and does not let go. When you are done reading you want more, not because it leaves you wanting, just simple not wanting it to end. It does a better job than most with back story and going into such detail that you feel the pains and hopes of the characters. It brought back memories of my own unique military experiences from training to war. Some good, some not. But those experiences made me who I am. And you can see it in a very believable fashion shaping the characters into what they will become. No leap of fiath needed.

    But maybe the highest honor and praise that I can give Anthony Ryan and Raven’s Shadow, is that I will be buying when it goes to print. As much as I love my Kindle, some books you just have to have on the shelf and this is one of them. I only have one major complaint. That I didnt hear about this sooner. Thank you, Anthony Ryan.


  • Simeon Siahmakoun

    I was so disappointed….when I went back to Amazon and found out that Raven’s Shadow was the only book out in the Blood Song series! I’m hooked and cannot wait for the next installment. This is the first review I have ever written (besides the review i wrote for Raven’s Shadow) and I was wanting to show my support.

  • Sean Hunter

    I’m reading Blood Song at the moment and am very impressed. The story really pulled me in and I’ve found it hard to put the Kindle down for the duration. I’ll look forward to the next book coming in the series, so please keep them coming :D.

  • Terry Mcghee

    Hey just wanted to drop a line saying how much I loved Blood Song, and I’ll be sure to watch out for its next installment. (Spoiler alert prolly unnecessary here but here it is: I just had one thing that nagged me after I finished the book, why wasn’t Vaelin taken over like ****** was whenever he was on the brink of death? (about 3 times off the top of my head)

    Anyways, I now have your name on my favorite authors list with Scott Sigler, George R.R. Martin, and Hugh Howey to name a few. Wish I could get Blood song in hardcover for my bookshelf.

  • Fredrik

    I have yet to ead Blood song although I will without a doubt since I enjoy your Slab city chronicles so much.
    Will there be nay Slab-city release in the near future?

  • sinclair66

    Blood Song is a GREAT story! I loved the imagery and back story. Character development was fantastic. Excellent job. I would love to see an illustrated/graphic novel version. This would also make a great video game. Don’t sell the movie/game rights for less than a fortune!

  • greg

    Thoroughly enjoyed raven’s shadow, any idea on when book 2 might be out?

  • greg

    I thoroughly enjoyed raven’s shadow and was wondering if u had any idea on when book 2 might come out out if you’ve started working on it in between your other books

  • Jofre Pallarès

    I’ve just finished the Bloodsong, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations, nice job, I think it will become a best seller.
    I’m Spanish and my English is not very good, this year I’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire and Mistborn Trilogy, and I found that this book was harder to read than Martin and Sanderson ones (lucky of having the Kindle embeeded dictionary!). Have considered a Spanish translation? My fantasy-freak friends will appreciate it!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Jofre. I’d love to see the book in Spanish, and any other language. However, foreign publication rights rest in the hands of my publisher so it would require a Spanish publisher buying the rights before it happens.

  • Artemis Welsford

    I’m in the middle of reading Blood Song and I must say I haven’t enjoyed a book this much for years. Put simply, it’s extremely well-written. I’m grateful it’s quite long so I’m not finishing it too quickly and I can’t wait to read the next books in the series. The 100% 5-star reviews are definitely well-deserved! Anthony, I am sure you’ll be very famous worldwide one day!

  • Olivia Duncan

    Mr. Ryan, you are simply amazing! Blood Song is the best sci-fi fantasy I have ever read…and I’ve read all the Martin and Rothfuss books. You are that good…no, you are better. In my opinion, you couldn’t write fast enough for me to read your next book, I want to read it now. 🙂 So when is the next Blood Song book being released? Thank you for being such a good writer!
    Most Sincerely, Olivia Duncan

  • Kerry White

    I loved Raven’s Shadow, it was quite a surprise find on Amazon for me. I read 20+ books a year and this was VERY well written and engaging. I’m looking forward to the next installment! I just read Slab City Blues: A Hymn for Gods Long Dead and and very thankful for the links to read the other 2 books in a PDF format; for free even. So much thanks, keep writing, and I wish you tons of success in your writing career.

    Thanks again!

  • Evita

    Blood song is an amazing book! Write next one soon! The anticipation is killing me!

  • Isis Caple

    I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Song. At one stage I had to check how far into the book I was, as I didn’t want it to finish- I giggled when I discovered I was only 50% into it!

    Anthony, you have a wonderful literary talent and you have popped onto my short list of authors to watch for new releases. Bravo!

    Regards, Isis

  • Doug Thonus

    Have to admit, I thought the reviews on Blood Song might be fake as a lot of independent authors on amazon have trumped up reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I love the fantasy genre, but there’s little that really stands out to me these days because I’ve probably read 300+ books in the genre.

    In the past year, Blood Song was one of perhaps four or five books I read that was truly memorable. The edition I read really could have used some work from an editor as there were many grammatical errors, and I could have done a bit without some of the overly harsh foreshadowing at the end of chapters, but the story telling was so remarkable it easily made up for those minor faults.

    You’ve joined my list of maybe 10 authors that I anxiously await new books from. I can’t wait for the sequel.

    Best wishes,

  • Emily

    LOVED Blood Song! I read a TON of books, always have, and this one is a real standout. It doesn’t follow the normal, predictable patterns that seem to crop up in this genre–much as I love fantasy novels, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes you can predict how the characters will end up 50 pages in. Not so with Blood Song; it was very engaging and kept me on my toes! Can’t wait for the sequel, and will definitely be looking into Slab City and the rest of your work.

    • Goose McCollum

      If book 2 of Blood Song doesn’t come out soon I’m going to freak out. I’m talking like serious amounts of crying during commercials and forking my neighbor’s yard. Grrr!

      Real talk, Mr. Ryan… You’re an awesome writer. Thank you so much for sharing your talents

  • Brian Riccella

    I am about halfway thru Blood Song now and i can not stop reading it, The story is captivating and the main character is awesome, I found this book on amazon looking for books like King of Thorns and Farseer trilogy, and I am really glad i found your book because so far it is the best yet. Please hurry on the Tower Lord!!

  • Roseann

    I loved Blood Song!!! Definitely one of the best books I have ever read! I have recommended it to many friends. So I was eager to read Slab City series and I downloaded the first two books off of this site. I wish I could say I liked book 1 but I gave up on it. I had to work way too hard to figure out what was going on. I think it’s because it is too ‘out there’. It kept me from bonding with the characters. Sorry Anthony:( I eagerly await Tower Lord 🙂

  • Chris

    Blood Song was easily one of the best books I read last year, this is good considering I read well over 100 books last year :)! When is the second supposed to be coming out? I eagerly await it!

  • xxx

    HI– well into Blood Song and really, really enjoying the story. More, please!

  • nic

    It was a recommended read on the Kindle App. Someone in their review compared David Gemmell. I loved David Gemmells books. Unfortunately, now I love yours too despite only having read 28% or App tells me.
    You’re now on my list of must-buy authors. Judging by your reviews here, I’m not in a minority 🙂

  • Fantasy Author Anthony Ryan’s Interview – author of Blood Song | Writing and Publishing Resource

    […] I have read Blood Song, the first book in the Raven’s Shadow trilogy, and it’s an amazing fantasy story. But for a new […]

  • Cole

    Anthony I would definitely love to see a full length slab city blues novel. Those books rock my socks bro.

    • jack

      I agree! I loved Blood Song and finally got around to Slab City Blues. I knocked out all four in a day and I would love to have more!

  • Gally Lines ~

    Will signed copies of Blood Song be available anywhere to pre-order or purchase online? Thanks for the info :]

  • MattV

    Is there a Raven’s Shadow audiobook in the works?

  • Devin

    Just two days ago, I found Blood Song amiss a sea of books in the Barnes&Nobles. I dove right in after reading preface and finished the chapter 1 right there in the aisles. I have looked far and wide for a story of this Caliber for some time. I am glad to have found this Amazing tale. Thanks for allowing me a glimpse into this amazing world.

  • wiramu

    I just received Blood Song in the mail and am excited to start the series. I don’t doubt it will end up in my top favorites by the time I am finished reading.

  • wiramu

    I just bought a copy of Blood Song and can’t wait to get started 🙂

  • Matthew North

    Awesome book! The only thing i wonder is why its not out on but is out on ! >.<

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Matthew. The UK audio rights to Blood Song are held by Orbit who have decided not to release an audio version at this time. I’ll be sure to post an update here if this changes.

  • Alexandra

    Loved the Blood Song! It was recommended to me via my Kindle and it was amazing, literally could not put it down. I cant wait for the next one, it’s going to be a looong wait till July.

  • translate or die | Zurück von den Toten

    […] wird es von mir noch Buchkritiken zu Blood Song  von Anthony Ryan (erscheint vermutlich im Herbst bei Klett/Cotta in der Übersetzung von Hannes und Sarah Riffel) […]

    • translateordie

      For those who can read German. Here is my review:
      I liked the book. Great and efficient storytelling. It ist more important how the story ist told, than what is told. May it’s single elements not be really original, the result is an vivid told and emotionally thrilling epic story of a boy’s life

  • Ronwy

    Just started part 3 of “Blood Song”. I have not even finished the book, but I am so impressed with the storytelling that I am commenting. Terribly clever the way the story is being told. I have been a huge fan of David Gemmell’s writing for longer that it was widely available in the United States. I even have an old paperback copy of “Against the Horde”, which we now know as “Legend”. I only mention this because it was noted somewhere that you were also a fan of his work. Looking forward to the reading the rest of this book and “Tower Lord” to follow. Britain may have to pass the crown to a new king of heroic fantasy.

  • Dwayno Hutton

    Just read the book for the third time. Cannot wait to buy the next in July (hopefully) A Truly great read, the kind you cant put down! Thank you sir

  • Kitty

    I really love blood song book 1. Since I’ve bought it I somehow seem to be going back to re-read it countless of times. So I’m going to ‘try’ and to get through the time I have to wait for the audio book to be available for Australians *sigh* Just hope I don’t have to wait too much longer.

  • Jess

    Blood song was amazing! I simply could not put it down! I cannot wait for the next book! Please keep up the incredibly descriptive, entrancing, and exquisite writing!

  • Carey

    Absolutely AWESOME book – I thoroughly enjoyed Brent Weeks Angle Trilogy and didn’t think I could find a better book – WOW – now can’t wait for Tower Lord. Not every author has the ability to create a world that draws the reader into it – you are one of the few !!!

  • jeremy

    The 5 brothers reminded me so much of arthur and his knights, each with their own particular set of skills and faults, which i loved. Fascinating religious angle. Characters i wish i knew more about -rare. And then you have them in such a diverse world where we see through only a small aperture of whats actually going on. A pleasure. Always a pleasure to get so frustrated i dont know why things are happening, i.e who is the bad guy!? what’s up with his parentage!? the nameless!? i decided to give this book a try when i saw the pretty incredible reviews on goodreads, and two days later, no regrets. Loved the sophisticated structure of this book, each working part making the whole even greater. you might be an artist my friend. Hope the second one is as good. And let’s hope golden coins shower upon you from above as evidence that you should keep writing.

    P.s. if you do get that bbc series, dont let them ruin it

  • kelvin

    What you be your preferred channel of choice for fans looking to purchase tower lord? im truly excited.

  • zoe

    Dear Anthony,
    thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your work is amazing! Keep it up! The wait for Tower Lord is agonizing! Hopefully, there will be a greek translation soon (I always go for the original but I’d love to recommend this one to friends).
    I foresee a great series in your future (god, please let it be HBO)…
    If/when it happens, do get involved with the screenplay. I’d hate to see this one ruined!

  • Alex

    Hello Mr. Ryan,

    I just want to say what an absolutely gripping and enthralling read Blood Song was. It was without a doubt one of the best books I have read in a long, long time, and is very much up there with the greats. I’m expecting to hear your name much more frequently over the next year-or-so, alongside Rothfuss, Sanderson, Martin etc, and with other outstanding writers. I cannot wait for Tower Lord (which coincidentally comes out on my birthday – my brother best be in town early to pick my copy up) so the day will only be complete when I become a social recluse and sit in a corner with it and ignore the world around me (I’m sure people will understand)

    Thanks for the incredible journey – and good luck seeing Vaelin through some tough times for another incredible novel! 😀

  • Daniel

    I wish I was a writer just so I could fully express how much I enjoyed Blood Song. I have pre-ordered Tower Lord and cant wait to read it. Keep it up sir!

  • EMX

    My reaction a few days ago when I heard Blood Song’s sequel was about to release:

    Had to dust off my Nook ^_^. Thanks man.

  • kelvin

    a tad late for work because i made a quick detour to buy it so i can read it while commuting. Good luck with the release. totally made my morning !

  • valo bb

    What is that ending to tower lord!!!!!! and brother frentis!!!!!!!! burn?????? cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about a cliff hanger awesome book. but dude… dont leave us hanging!!!!

  • bloodmerydian

    Mr. Ryan, you rock! I’ve read a ton of fantasy novels and have been thoroughly tortured (like seriously, number thirty-four style torture) with the wait for TL. Not only are you a fantastic writer, but the underlying themes regarding religion, faith, friendship, humanity, etc etc really hit home for me, and wanted to thank you for that. Just finished TL, and didn’t think possible but loved it just as much as BS!

    Im interested in what motivated you to weave in such a strong tone on faith and religion. Do you have, or is there perchance in the works, some type of blog or forum where you can communicate with your fans on your work to date?

    I’ve turned over the hourglass, 1 yr is doable, please release sample chapters of book 3!!!!!

    Faithful Reader

  • Sadie

    Hi Mr. Ryan,
    I’ve read Blood Song, and I just started reading Tower Lord. I can honestly say that of all the books I’ve read, your books are my favorite. The storyline is so unbelievably well thought out that I just can’t stop reading them. I am always a sucker for a hero, but Vaelin isn’t a typical hero and that makes me love him even more. Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books, and I hope to read more of your writings in the future!

    P.S. I’ve had a reminder in my phone for eight months for the release of Tower Lord. I hope that tells you just how much I love your books.

  • Saj

    Hi Mr Ryan,
    I have just finished reading Tower lord another awesome book! When is the next one out?

    Many Thanks

  • Debbie Knoebl

    I totally LOVE your books. I just hate waiting for the next one to come out! But 1 year is not that bad. I know when it comes out I’ll be re-reading the first two and will probably learn so much that I missed. Thanks for writing and not keeping us waiting too long!

  • Nikki

    So I am late to that party but I got here…..I read the first book very slowly savouring each chapter and paragraph sometime putting it down because I knew if I kept reading it I would get it finished and then it would be over. Book 2 was worse if that was at all possible as there was a natural place to put it down as we changed between the characters and here I was trying to wring out the story for as long as possible. But here I am now joining the ranks of those waiting for book three and praying to the Dark that you dont get distracted and the song keeps singing for you.

  • Ray

    Dear Anthony,
    what a nice read!
    Blood Song was great. I have to agree that the story itself was told many times with different variations but it is always the “how it is told” that matters. And this you did extraordinary.
    Nevertheless Tower Lord somehow changed from the story of a boy to the destiny of a realm and if I guess correctly (I am in the last quarter of it) to the destiny of the world. The introduction of different characters POV surprised me first, somehow a change in your style of writing. BUT the vivid and interesting new characters made up for it.
    Thanks for the work

  • Shavez Lee

    I know before I even say this that its to soon to ask but man I just have to ask. When is BOOK 3 coming out. I have in a week finished the first two without realizing that the second one just came out and now find myself almost like an addict for the next one.

    The books as a whole are great man well done and always keep you guessing. They have just enough detail and plot to allow you to fall in love with the story with out getting bored or confused. Battles and the side stories are what keep me so animated about this book series. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing you’re next book on sale.

  • jesselyntoufar

    I just finished Blood Song. In a day. That was a mistake.
    Because now I just know I will finished Tower Lord only slightly slower than that and then there is no book three yet?! No book three! What do I do with myself?

  • Brett

    Almost finished Tower Lord – Anthony it is awesome.

    Counting down the days to July 2015 already 🙂

  • Sarz

    How did you come up with Blood song and Tower Lord? Loved them and will always read them constantly. I showed it to all my friends and they loved it to. Thank you so much for writing these books. How do you do it?

  • Marc Eric Johnson

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks so much for all the hard work on Blood Song and Tower Lord. I’ve spent the past week doing little else but immersing myself in your imagination and stories. I’m very fond of your characters now, and still day dreaming of scenes from the two books. I very much look forward to more about Vaelin, Lyrna, Frentis and Reva (my favorites), but I’m delighted to find your Slab series, which I knew nothing about, so I’m diving in now.

    Thank you for writing so well!

  • Beverly Collie


    I am an older reader but fairly new to reading fantasy. My adult son introduced me to fantasy almost 4 years ago just a week before Christmas. I was in the hospital coronary care recovering from a near fatal heart attack and I asked my son to bring me something to read that would help take my mind off my ills and to help pass the time. He brought me a book by Jim Butcher. It hooked me on fantasy and with a voracious appetite for the genre I have been reading on average 2-4 books a week since then. (I have a lot of catching up to do!)

    I think I found Blood Song while browsing the inexpensive ebooks on B&N. I bought it and downloaded it but I didn’t read it for several months. I had finished reading Michael Sullivan’s Ryria Revelations and joined his Goodreads Dark Room group. He recommended we read Blood Song while waiting for his next Ryria books and I remembered I had it on my reader. WOW. I am sorry it took me so long to finally read it!

    I was worried you wouldn’t be able to match its excellence with Tower Lord, but you did and if anything, you topped it! I re-read Blood Song just before Tower Lord was released and after reading Tower Lord, I couldn’t let the story and characters go. I had to do another re-read of both books. They are so good, I feel I need to read them again. They are like a drug, I can’t get enough of! LOL.

    I purchased Blood Song in paperback. I wish it was in hardback like Tower Lord. I have bought both so I can share with my son.

    Is it possible to get signed bookplates?

    It is going to be very hard waiting till next July for Queen of Fire.

    An older fan,

  • Jonathan

    Mr. Ryan,

    Blood Song and Tower Lord are simply amazing books. And as an avid reader, roughly 3 books per month, these two books not only kept my attention, but kept me reading continuously. Sadly, when books do that, they are finished far too soon leaving the reader wanting more. So my question is this: When will we see a book 3? I am eager to continue the epic saga you have started. Thanks again for all your hard work!

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  • Bernhard

    Just read Blood Song, couldn’t put it down. In response have just ordered Tower lord and am looking forward to the next one. Great series just couldn’t put it down.

  • John

    Just finished reading Tower Lord, as good if not better than Blood Song. Will have to wait patiently for the next release of this excellent saga

  • Jack

    I am disappointed that I read through both first books so quickly – the series is simply superb! Couldn’t help it though. Eagerly awaiting Book 3 🙂

  • sara

    the release day for the third?

    eagerly waiting

  • Danell

    I listened to Blood Song on a recommendation from I was hooked after Chapter 1 and immediately downloaded Tower Lord. I have listened exclusively to these two books for the last three months! On most days days I listened an average of four hours per days and on the weekends I have locked the doors and listened up to 20 hours. (I may even get all my Christmas knitting done this year!)

    I purchased the hard copy books in hopes of having them signed should you ever make it this far (Nevada). I’m sure that some would call my behavior borderline obsessive compulsive – I’d say that these books have completely captured my imagination. Not since I read Dune have I felt this way about a place of another’s imagining.

    I can’t believe that I will have to wait until July 2015 for Queen of Fire. At this rate I’ll have the first two memorized.

    Thank you for writing and sharing your gift!

  • Jack Preston

    With Blood Song and Tower Lord, you have given me what few authors have in my journeys (and I’ve read a couple hundred books in my 26 years of life): exactly what I’m looking for in a book. I’ve become rather picky in the books that I read now and I often spend more time searching for a book than I do reading it because each books has to have certain elements and all of them have to work together right or else I feel its a waste of my time. You blend together action, suspense, drama, and romance and combine it with a depth of character that many books lack. I’m on my second read through of Tower Lord, having just finished the second one of Blood Song. I can’t wait until the third in the series comes out. You have a life long fan, I can assure you that.

  • El

    I really loved the Slab stories. It’s so rare to find good science fiction that actually delves into the world of the future and isn’t just about military engagements and wars. Are there going to be more stories set on the Slab?

    I was also wondering how many books are going to be in the Blood Song series. I can’t wait to read them, too.

  • Rebecca

    Please can you tell me when the next book in the Blood Song trilogy is out?!?!? I have just finished Tower Lord in less than a week and am desperate to know what happens to all the characters!! Thoroughly gripping, could not put it down!! LOVE the stories!!!

  • Jay Ferguson

    Mr. Ryan so far I’ve done terribly this semester. Your books are to blame. I could not put down Blood Song or Tower Lord. Then Slab City Blues took over. Great Job, I should go study.

  • Alice

    Good afternoon, Mr. Ryan. I really enjoyed Tower Lord, in italian edition. I’ve got a curious question. How old is Vaelin during this second book? I couldn’t guess it. 30? 35? More? Thanks if you would answer me.
    Alice – waiting for Queen of fire and sorry for her poor English.

  • Andrew Krueger

    Mr. Ryan, I picked up Blood Song on a whim one day. I then proceeded to finish it and Tower Lord in about 10 days. On finding the third book was not out, it felt as though my favorite tv show came to an end. I am very anxiously awaiting Queen of Fire. In the mean time, your writing style is precisely what I’ve been lookin for, I will be reading the Slab City Blues series. Slowly, if I can. Thank you and please never stop writing.

  • Gary

    Picked up blood song on a whim last week! (I judged a book by its cover) and was delighted! Already half ways ththrough tower lord. Can’t wait for book three and to suss out slab city blues. All the best from Ireland my good sir!

  • Rebecca

    Am so bereft without the final piece of the trilogy that I am re-reading Blood Song, will follow with Tower Lord (again) and may well continue to re-read them in a cycle until July 2015!!

  • Lisa

    Hello Mr. Ryan. I have a very long list of books that I’m happily working through… I just finished the Raven’s Shadow books, and I can hardly wait for the third! While the format for the plot was confusing at first, the story itself gripped me as only a few novels have. Thank you very much for releasing these wonderful stories to the world!

  • Kristi Evand

    Mr. Ryan,
    I just finished Blood Song and I am just starting Tower Lord. I enjoyed reading Blood Song and I am wondering are you going to go any further with The Raven’s Shadow novels. I would live to see more books in this series. I happened upon your books at my local library in Bennett, Colorado. I love fantasy novels and I sm always looking for new authors that I had nit heard before. Your books called to me yet at the time I did not know why. I fell in love with the characters from Blood Song. I look forward to meeting new characters in Tower Lord.

    With Regards,

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Kristi,
      The Raven’s Shadow trilogy will end with Queen of Fire which comes out next July. I’m currently writing a new series set in a different world but may well revisit the world of Raven’s Shadow at some point in the future. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Christian

    Hi Mr. Ryan,
    I just finished your book Blood Song in the german edition today and I cannot wait to start the next part. I wasn´t able to put the book away untill the story ended …
    I hope that I don´t have to wait for too long for Tower Lord in german … Can you tell me more?
    Kind Regards,

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Christian,
      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t have a confirmed release date for the German edition of Tower Lord, but I do know the translator is currently hard at work. I’ll post any more information here when I get it.

  • Matt

    Dear Anthony,
    Thought I’d let you know that I’m a huge fan of Raven’s Shadow, you’ve successfully derailed me from my uni work for several days, much to the consternation of my department and my rowing team. I imagine writing such huge books must be pretty tough, but please keep going as I’m dying to know how it ends!

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  • GHFan

    I love the series. I preordered Queen of fire in hardcover and bought the first two books in hardcovers at the same time. I received ALL Three @ the same time June 22. I think I got it before anyone else. I’m loving it so far. Awesome book.

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