Blood Song – UK Audiobook now available for pre-order

The UK audiobook version of Blood Song is now available for pre-order at

As stated below, the audiobook will be released on 12th June. I have since confirmed with my UK publisher it will also be available in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.


4 responses to “Blood Song – UK Audiobook now available for pre-order

  • Amelia

    Hi Anthony,
    Just curious, but is there a difference between this new version and the version that is currently available on The one I have is also narrated by Steven Brand and I love it, but I see that it’s 23 hours long vice 69 hours for the UK version. Is there new material in the UK version?

  • JRock

    It’s not available in the US!

    • Amelia

      I think you’re thinking of the Tower Lord audiobook pre-order. This post is for the Blood Song audiobook, and it’s been available in the US Audible site for a while.

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