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The Waking Fire – Jaime Jones Confirmed as UK Cover Artist

Very pleased to report that Jaime Jones has been confirmed as the cover artist for the UK edition of The Waking Fire (Book One of The Draconis Memoria). Jaime is a highly respected concept artist and illustrator who’s recent work includes the cover for Peter Newman’s The Vagrant. I’ve seen a rough of the cover for The Waking Fire and, suffice to say, it far exceeded my expectations so I’ll be very excited to share the final version as soon as Orbit lets me. You can view a gallery of Jaime’s work here:

“Der Herr des Turms” (Tower Lord in German) Shortlisted for the Leserpreis Award

Der Leserpreis – die besten Bücher 2015

Huge thanks to my German readers for voting the German language edition of Tower Lord – Der Herr des Turms – onto the shortlist for the Leserpreis Award in the Fantasy and Science Fiction category. The “Leserpreis” is the biggest readers’ choice book award in the German-speaking region and I’m very honoured to find myself nominated. You can vote on the shortlist here. Voting closes on 24th November.

Tower Lord German cover

New Interview on the Grim Tidings Podcast

Thanks to Rob Matheny and Philip Overby for inviting me onto the Grim Tidings Podcast (your podcast for dark genre fiction) for a fun discussion about Raven’s Shadow, Slab City Blues and some previously unheard details of what to expect from The Draconis Memoria. Available for download here and also findable on iTunes.

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