Draconis Memoria – Principal Corporations

Ironship Trading Syndicate
3,000 shareholders
8 million employees
3 million contractors
2,500 ships
Principal interests: ship building, heavy manufacturing, maritime trade, product harvesting.
Company army ‘The Ironship Protectorate’, strength: 175,000

South Seas Maritime Conglomerate
1,800 shareholders
3 million employees
1 million contractors
2,200 ships
Principal interests: maritime trade, ship building, Blue harvesting.
Company army, ‘South Seas Marines’, strength: 45,000

Alebond Commodities
1,200 shareholders
4 million employees
1.5 million contractors
1500 ships
Principal interests: Consumer product manufacture and sale, maritime trade.
Company army ‘The Alebond Safeguard’, strength: 20,000

Briteshore Minerals
2,000 shareholders
2 million employees
500,000 contractors
600 ships
Principal interests: mining, maritime trade.
Company army ‘The Briteshore Militia’, strength: 60,000

Consolidated Research Company
500 shareholders
200,000 employees
10,000 contractors
200 ships
Principal interests: scientific and technological research, geographical exploration.
No company army, but maintains an armed ‘Expeditioneers’ contingent, strength: 2,000

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