Monthly Archives: August 2012

Tower Lord Milestone #5

The first draft passed the 200,000 word mark today which means I’m firmly in the final straight (insert horse racing metaphor here – not falling at the final hurdle, a last sprint to see me over the line etc).

At the current rate the first draft should be done by mid-September, whereupon I shall reacquaint myself with the phenomena known as sleep (blessed, blessed sleep, my old friend, how I’ve missed you). However, rewrites should keep me fully occupied until December. No-one ever said this would be easy.

SFF Mania Interview

Thanks to Chris W at SFF Mania for hosting my lastest interview, you can read it here:

And, just for the record, I’m not an MI6 ninja.

Fantasy Book Critic Interview

My interview with Fantasy Book Critic is now up, check it out here:


Thanks to Mihir and Liviu at FBC for sorting this out, and their Blood Song reviews, all greatly appreciated.