Blood Song – US Hardcover Released

The US hardcover edition of Blood Song is released today. It’s been a long time coming and thanks to everyone at Ace who worked hard to make it happen. Whilst the text has benefited from Ace’s editing process it remains substantially the same book as before with one chapter slightly expanded and another slightly reduced. There are also two new appendices: a dramatis personae and an explanation of the rules of Keschet, which keen eyed readers will remember as Princess Lyrna’s favourite game.

Where to buy: Blood Song (A Raven’s Shadow Novel)
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8 responses to “Blood Song – US Hardcover Released

  • jasonite75

    Pretty amazing that the first book in a new series is released as a hardcover, quite an honor! I read the kindle version of this book last year and really enjoyed it. I’m guessing it’ll probably be another year before the next one comes out?

  • Mike

    You already know how much I loved your book. I read it after purchasing the ebook version, but I will purchase this hardcover as well. I have a select few books that I plan to pass to my children when they get a little older. This being one of them. It’s an amazing story, superbly done, and with class. I do not have to fear vulgarity etc. I advocate for your book to everyone and have listed it as my all time favorite read. Thank you sand I can’t wait for the next to be released.

  • anna

    Bought! I already had the kindle version, got the hardcover for the husband. Yay!!!

  • Mac

    Ok, now that the hard covers have been released, when is the second installment coming, seeing that you have already completed it.

  • Jason

    Will the kindle version be updated to match the Hardcover?

  • david

    Can you please post the Dramatis Personae on your blog? I have all three books on Audio and its driving me nuts to be able go back and look at a character and how they are connected. Please!

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