The Story Behind Blood Song – Guest Post

Check out my guest post on about the inspiration and influences behind the writing of Blood Song.

7 responses to “The Story Behind Blood Song – Guest Post

  • Cardinalandgoldfan

    Was the story of David an inspiration for Blood Song, or if not, have you ever thought of the parallels between this story and the story of King David?

    Spoilers ahead:

    Like Vaelin, David was beloved by the people because of his martial prowess but both used and feared by the current king (Saul) because of this love by the common people. David was also friends with the King’s son and admired by the King’s daughter. Saul constantly sought to set traps for David knowing that his son could never establish himself while David lived. This follows the King’s willingness to sacrifice Vaelin to regain his son or even why he sent Vaelin in the first place to fight the Alpiran Empire in the desert.

    Clearly the book is not merely a retelling of this classic tale but I found the significant similarities to be quite fascinating.

    /apologize for the inelegant prose. Just re-read this book and am typing this out at 2 a.m.

    • Anthony Ryan

      I can’t say I was consciously channelling the story of King David when writing the book. However, the bible has such an enourmous cultural legacy there may have been some subliminal influence, the parallels do seem kind’ve obvious now you’ve pointed them out. Lucky it’s out of copyright really.

  • Cardinalandgoldfan

    *Of how….

    I blame my iPad, haha.

  • MrD&MrsR (@TruthBTold4Evr)

    Mr. Anthony Ryan, I was wondering if there was any way to get my US first edition first print of Blood Song Signed? Paypal payment with return postage perhaps? Also, excellent post Cardinalandgoldfan!

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