Blood Song – UK Hardcover Released

The UK hardcover edition of Blood Song is now available. Thanks to everyone at Orbit UK for making it happen and to James Long for his excellent summary on the Orbit website.

Where to buy:

The Hive Network (support your local bookstore – also, despite the author description, I’m not a doctor).



9 responses to “Blood Song – UK Hardcover Released

  • Roddy O'Halloran

    Hello Anthony I run A small Bookselling Business in Dorset The reason for writing to you is the above novel this is without doubt the best first fantasy novel I have read in 37 years in the Book Trade if you are doing advanced proofs of the second volume can I please be on the reading list, you can tell David Young the last time I was this excited over A first novel was after reading A hand bound proof of The Colour of Magic

  • scribe123

    I have just finished reading this book and I’m itching for more. Any hints as to when book 2 will be with us?

  • Angela Sefton

    Hi, I’ve just finished reading your debut novel and have to say that I am now a fan! I am a budding fantasy writer myself and have taken a year out of teaching to try and finish it as otherwise I think it will be a decade in the making! I really can’t wait to read the second instalment. I’ve shared your details on Facebook through the Orbit Facebook page. I wish you all the best. Angela Sefton. x

  • Angela Sefton

    Thank you. I hope that if I manage to become published others will enjoy the story I’m weaving as much as I enjoyed your (or should I say Vaelin’s?) story. I read it in two days which is no mean feat when you have a very inquisitive five year old daughter! I shall crack on with my writing whilst I await your second novel. x

  • owaynott

    Hi. Great book, just wondering if you know if its gone to a second printing in the UK? I for the kindle version and would love to have the Hardback now as well but don’t want a second printing, I’m awkward like that.

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