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Pornokitsch ‘Blood Song’ Review

Thanks to the folks at UK book site Pornokitsch for their kind review of Blood Song which can be read here:

And yes, Pornokitsch is safe for work despite the title.

Blood Song nominated for the BookSpotCentral Annual Book Tournament

I’m pleased and flattered to announce that some kind person (not me, honest) nominated Blood Song for the 7th Annual Book Tournament on the BookSportCentral Blog. There are 64 books in the tournament with two books fighting it out in each voting round. In round one I’m up against Dark Eden by Chris Beckett. Voting starts on Thursday 21st March so anyone wishing to show their support for any of the fine works listed please stop by and cast your votes.

Blog Post Recommendation – The Anatomy of a Self-Published Ebook

Check out Lars Townsend’s post on The Anatomy of a Self-Published Ebook for some excellent insights on the nature of ebooks, self-publishing, writing in general and (incidentally) the inside story of how I got my deal with Penguin (yes, I owe it all to him – but my lawyer says I don’t have to pay him). It’s a long post but well worth the effort.

Fantasy Book Critic Guest Post

Thanks to the fine folks as FBC for hosting my guest post on the influence of history on epic fantasy, which can be read here:



Anthony Ryan Day

Huge thanks to book blogger and Goodreads friend Melinda Le Baron for hosting Anthony Ryan Day on her blog:


She’s written extensive reviews of all the Slab City Blues stories and Blood Song so why not check them out and see if you agree. They do contain some plot details so you may want to to wait until you’ve read the books first.

You should also take a look at her Rafael Sabatini post – my next read for sure.

Anthony Ryan Day… surely a canditate for the first global public holiday. Write your congressman, MP, dictator or tribal chief now.