Blood Song nominated for the BookSpotCentral Annual Book Tournament

I’m pleased and flattered to announce that some kind person (not me, honest) nominated Blood Song for the 7th Annual Book Tournament on the BookSportCentral Blog. There are 64 books in the tournament with two books fighting it out in each voting round. In round one I’m up against Dark Eden by Chris Beckett. Voting starts on Thursday 21st March so anyone wishing to show their support for any of the fine works listed please stop by and cast your votes.

5 responses to “Blood Song nominated for the BookSpotCentral Annual Book Tournament

  • Robert Britton

    Congrats Mr. Ryan, will be sure to vote and good luck!

  • Archie

    I’ll be voting for sure… but, only if you promise Tower Lord soon. 🙂

  • Mark

    You have my vite for an amazing novel! Hopefully you don’t go up against King of Thorns my other favorite from last year!

  • Andy L.

    Anthony you had my vote. Congrats on the nomination. You’re the first author I’ve come across in a long time that’s story telling rivals Terry Goodkind’s and your novel was written with much more grace. You may be my new favorite author. Keep pushing your publishers for an earlier release your gold, they won’t drop you. Amazing stuff thanks for the inspiration

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