Announcing ‘The Wolf’s Call’ – Book One of ‘The Raven’s Blade’

I’m delighted to announce my next novel The Wolf’s Call, the first volume in a two-part series The Raven’s Blade which is a return to the world of Raven’s Shadow and will continue the story of Vaelin Al Sorna. 

The Wolf’s Call will be published in summer of 2019 by Ace/Roc in the USA and Canada and by Orbit in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. No word yet on non-English editions but I’ll keep you all updated whenever I hear anything. 

You can read the press release from Ace/Roc here:

I know that for some of you the next twelve months might be a very long wait, so here’s some teaser dialogue to make it worse:

‘You don’t know what you did… You don’t know what you awoke. But you will, brother. It saw you, it saw everything, and it grew hungrier than ever.’


27 responses to “Announcing ‘The Wolf’s Call’ – Book One of ‘The Raven’s Blade’

  • Keith

    Really Awesome!
    Hope to hear you go back to Slab City Blues someday also! Now that you have hit a million books in sales, what is left except breadth? 😉


    This is wonderful news! I have read both your series and look forward to the next!

  • B. Mosher

    Really happy that you’ll be going back to the Raven’s Shadow realm and characters.

    I have a suggestion…
    Since it’s a year away from publication, there’s still time to change the title, correct? The reason for the suggestion is that I tried looking for it on goodreads to mark it as “want to read,” and I noticed there are many other books with the same or similar names, making it take a bit to realize that it wasn’t even listed on goodreads yet. I’d think, for marketing purposes, you might want to choose something a bit more unique?

  • Sharrie


  • Flex

    I’m very excited, so it’s about the time after “queen of fire”?

  • Dawn Howie

    Brilliant news. Looking forward to its release. I’ve just finished Empire of Ashes.

  • Aaron Swenson

    So excited, love your books! Can’t wait to read about Al Sorna again.

  • Joseph Leonard

    Exciting news! I did not expect we would see Al Sorna again. Hopefully it won’t involve him falling in love again, the last two times ended very badly. Unless it’s a certain Queen we all know and love… 👍 Looking forward to this Anthony!

  • a.z

    please don’t make it a happy ending between vaelin and the queen. by my understnading the ideals that vaelin believes in demonstrated by the his two love interest just makes it improbable that vaelin will fall for the queen. the storyline worked maybe aside from one or two things how riva or vaelins sister without any schooling or inclination became masters of strategy or builder of cutting edge military equipments.
    but overall the stories just work so wonderfully well and vaelin doing somthing so out of character seems wrong. btw thanks for having lyrna betray vaelin to the alpiran. it showed how she put what she things as right above her personal feelings making her a great leader.
    ofc at the end author knows best as it his story and its for him to decide how it ends.

  • James A Fox

    I can’t wait! Vaelin is easily one of my favorite protagonists, and your prose is simply top notch!

  • Karl

    Please include a plot refresher from the previous trilogy.

  • Ani green

    Thank you Sir, such a wonderful news.
    So excited about the new one. I knew it couldn’t have ended with Queen of Fire, as amazing it was.
    Great writing and fascinating world thank you.

  • Aaron Swenson

    Sounds great, I hope there will be an audio version of it.

  • kristin

    I NEED THE BOOK!!!!!!!!

  • oshac

    I really hope Steven Brand narrates the audiobook. I can’t imagine anyone but him.

  • JD

    I’m very excited for this. I hope we get an audio version along with the physical book, and hopefully with the same narrator. I rarely have the time to sit down and actually read anymore so audiobooks are a must for me. I generally listen to the audiobooks and once finished buy the actually book for my collection. Anyway, can’t wait for Al Sorna to go to the far west and encounter the analogue to the Shaolin monks and become even more badass… just saying!

  • MargaretD

    Loved the book! So, when is part 2 coming out :-)?

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