Announcing ‘The Wolf’s Call’ – Book One of ‘The Raven’s Blade’

I’m delighted to announce my next novel The Wolf’s Call, the first volume in a two-part series The Raven’s Blade which is a return to the world of Raven’s Shadow and will continue the story of Vaelin Al Sorna. 

The Wolf’s Call will be published in summer of 2019 by Ace/Roc in the USA and Canada and by Orbit in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. No word yet on non-English editions but I’ll keep you all updated whenever I hear anything. 

You can read the press release from Ace/Roc here:

I know that for some of you the next twelve months might be a very long wait, so here’s some teaser dialogue to make it worse:

‘You don’t know what you did… You don’t know what you awoke. But you will, brother. It saw you, it saw everything, and it grew hungrier than ever.’


8 responses to “Announcing ‘The Wolf’s Call’ – Book One of ‘The Raven’s Blade’

  • Keith

    Really Awesome!
    Hope to hear you go back to Slab City Blues someday also! Now that you have hit a million books in sales, what is left except breadth? 😉


    This is wonderful news! I have read both your series and look forward to the next!

  • B. Mosher

    Really happy that you’ll be going back to the Raven’s Shadow realm and characters.

    I have a suggestion…
    Since it’s a year away from publication, there’s still time to change the title, correct? The reason for the suggestion is that I tried looking for it on goodreads to mark it as “want to read,” and I noticed there are many other books with the same or similar names, making it take a bit to realize that it wasn’t even listed on goodreads yet. I’d think, for marketing purposes, you might want to choose something a bit more unique?

  • Flex

    I’m very excited, so it’s about the time after “queen of fire”?

  • Dawn Howie

    Brilliant news. Looking forward to its release. I’ve just finished Empire of Ashes.

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