The Waking Fire – Sample Chapter Now Available

You can now read a sample chapter from The Waking Fire here (trigger warnings for strong language and violence). For further details and pre-order links see the book page. Also, anyone interested in finding out more about the world of The Draconis Memoria may want to check out my short story Sandrunners, which is included in the anthology Legends II: Stories in Honour of David Gemmell.




6 responses to “The Waking Fire – Sample Chapter Now Available

  • andrewguile

    Just out of interest, is this new set of books something that you wrote before Blood Song?

    • Anthony Ryan

      I wish I’d written it before Blood Song, would’ve saved me a lot of work over the last two years. No, it’s all new material.

  • pipbookview

    I read Sandrunners and its only now I realise its the world setting for the new book series. Great premise so looking forward to it even more now

  • Julie Moran

    I’ve only recently started reading Blood Song and am loving every single word. It’s been a long while since I’ve found a character so enthralling as Vaelin Al Sorna and the world you’ve built for him. Thank you for that.

    So my question is this book, The Waking Fire, a new series? Or is it another Raven’s Shadow Novel?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Julie
      The Waking Fire is the start of a new series in a completely different world. Glad you like Blood Song. I’ll be returning to the Raven’s Shadow world in a couple of years.
      Thanks for reading.

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