The Lord Collector – Ebook Now Available

The stand-alone ebook edition of The Lord Collector – A Raven’s Shadow Novella, is now available from the following retailers:,, Kobo, iBooks, Nook and Smashwords.

The novella is also still available as part of the Blackguards Anthology in ebook and print. You can also purchase the stand-alone audiobook from,,,

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Author’s Note – The following story takes place in the same world as my novel Blood Song, the first volume in the Raven’s Shadow trilogy. I wrote it because I wanted to more fully explore characters who appear in Blood Song and the sequels Tower Lord and Queen of Fire. Readers familiar with my work are sure to recognise a certain pale-eyed, raspy voiced Sword Master of the Sixth Order and those curious as to the origins of the Tower Lord of the Southern Shore will find answers here. The tale takes place at the mid-point of the timeline described in Blood Song, a time when King Janus, with typical ruthlessness, is in the process of fully consolidating his grip on the Unified Realm.

The Lord Collector by Anthony Ryan: a grim introduction to our protagonist, Jehrid, leader of an Excise Guard unit (think a kind of investigative military) to kick this story off. Jehrid is tasked by his Tower Lord with working with Brother Sollis of the Sixth Order and two others with finding a passenger from a month-old shipwreck. But Jehrid has another agenda: vengeance. A story told with standard Anthony Ryan style. Enjoyable, violent, somber at times and galloping like a horse at others.’  – Adrian Collins, Grimdark Magazine


4 responses to “The Lord Collector – Ebook Now Available

  • Tom Rhoden

    Thank you for A Raven’s Shadow and The Lord Collector.
    Please don’t end this story. Lyrna and Vaelin, Weaver and the land of the Jade Princess, and the black stone with what or who is looking out from within are storylines that scream to be explored. I’ll read any thing you write but three more books on this subject would be at the top of my list.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Tom. There will be more Raven’s Shadow books, hopefully when I’m done with the Draconis Memoria. Hope to put out a couple more novellas in the meantime.
      Thanks for reading.

  • Felix Schaper

    That sounds great. I have just finished reading “A Raven’s shadow” and I want to hear more about it. Great work and thank you. Are there any plans to translate “The Lord collector” into german?

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