Queen of Fire – US Release Day


Queen of Fire is released today in the US and Canada. Where-to-buy links are on the books page. Two new maps have also been added to the Map Room for the benefit of e-book owners.


Also, anyone who missed out on the signed hardcover giveaway has a second chance to win on Goodreads. NB this giveaway ends at midnight tonight, Eastern Standard Time. Apologies for the short duration but they took a few days to approve it and you can’t change the closing date once it’s gone live.

Huge thanks to everyone at Ace for their hard work in helping me bring the Raven’s Shadow trilogy to conclusion, most especially my excellent editor Susan Allison. Susan retires this month after a remarkable career which included the publication of William Gibson’s Neuromancer and the works of Guy Gavriel Kay, amongst many others. As a complete neophyte to the world of traditional publishing, I consider myself lucky to have started out by working with the best.

And so, after nearly a decade of work, three books, and over 700,000 words, the Raven’s Shadow trilogy comes to an end. I offer my heartfelt thanks to every reader who joined me on this journey. To answer an oft asked question regarding the future of the Raven’s Shadow universe: I have plans for more short works set in this world, like my novella The Lord Collector, but at this stage I don’t know when I’ll return to write a full series. Rest assured, ideas are percolating in the bubbling cauldron that is my brain, but it may well be some time before I’m ready to share the brew. In the meantime, I’m currently writing the second book in a new series about which I hope to have more to say in the near future.

15 responses to “Queen of Fire – US Release Day

  • John Phillips

    I can’t wait to read this book! Thank you so much Anthony for sharing your fantastic mind with me!

  • S.M.Muse

    Yet to read Book 3, but must say, well done Mr. Anthony. Your work is amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. You are a Sage among Sages…

  • MarcM

    Just got mine out of the Amazon box!! so excited

  • mrmanowar

    Just bought two copies, and last month ordered from Goldsboro to get signed ones. Did the same for all the books in the series thus far. Great work! Can’t wait to dive in and read Queen of Fire! I will definitely be watching for what you do next. Best wishes Anthony!

  • Kernel's Corner

    Finished reading Book 1 ages ago and it was a #Smash. But I have to buy book 2 and 3 together online. Hardcovers are not available in my country (Philippines). I will have to wait at least 2 weeks for them to arrive, but I am already excited. Can’t wait to read the entire story!

  • Sky

    Hi Anthony,
    I really love your books and, as I am french, I would like to know when will Queen of Fire be released in France. Even if i can read it in english, I started in french, and want to keep reading in french to stay in the same atmosphere.
    Your job is amazing ! Thanks 🙂

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Sky,
      I don’t yet have a confirmed release date for the French edition of Queen of Fire, but based on the previous books you should look out for it in April 2016.
      Thanks for reading.

  • Kelli

    I have finished the series and a big thank you!!! A truly grand story indeed. I am hoping your publisher sees fit to put these in an epic hardcover box set!! I definitely need to add these to my collection of sets! I greatly look forward to seeing plenty more fantasy from you in the future, wonderful story telling

  • Geoffrey Chang

    What happened to Sherin and where did the rest of Vaelins gift go if Weaver only took a bit…Great series but would have liked to see an epilogue a few years down the road so it could tie up some loose ends

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Geoff. Vaelin lost his song in the Beyond after Alltor, Weaver didn’t take it. A few years down the road it’ll probably be time for another series, where we may (or may not) find out what Sherin’s been upt to all this time.

  • Scott

    I just finished reading all three books. The last book really has a lot of opening for another series, or as you said some single novels that trace single characters. I really thought this would have been the first trilogy in a series of them, but I can see how you might want to move on to other stuff. I have to say the first book was the best in the series. I hope to see quality writing like that from you in the future.

  • Pietro

    Hi Anthony, I loved the first two books, do you know when Queen of fire will be released in Italy? Thank you for this fantastic universe full of emotions and interesting characters.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Pietro,
      I’m told that Fanucci Editore are in the process of acquiring the rights to Queen of Fire, so hopefully it shouldn’t be much longer. However, I don’t have a confirmed release date yet.
      Thanks for reading.

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