Daily Archives: July 24, 2015

Pre-order ‘Twelve Kings in Sharakhai’ by Bradley P. Beaulieu and win the Raven’s Shadow trilogy in print

Congratulations to fellow fantasist Bradley P. Beaulieu on the upcoming release of his new novel Twelve Kings in Sharakhai, out in September from Ace/Roc. Bradley tells me that US based readers who pre-order a physical copy of the book will have a chance to win print editions of the complete Raven’s Shadow trilogy and the first three books in Django Wexler’s excellent Shadow Campaigns series (check out my review of the first volume, The Thousand Names). Anyone who pre-orders Twelve Kings in Sharakhai will also receive DRM-free ebooks of Bradley’s novel Irindai and the highly acclaimed The Winds of Khalakovo. Check out Bradley’s website for full details.