Queen of Fire – UK Release Day

Queen of Fire is released today in the UK in hardback, ebook and audio formats. Where-to-buy links have been added to the books page. This edition should also now be available in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Many thanks to everyone at Orbit UK for their hard work on this book, especially my editor James Long who first took a chance on this series back in 2012. And heartfelt thanks to all my readers for allowing me to finish this story – I really couldn’t have done it without you. It’s been a long and winding road, but all roads must end.


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  • Ilker

    Thank YOU, indeed! Waited well beyond midnight here in Turkey, hoping my kindle copy from the US Amazon would, miraculously, arrive. Alas, had to go to bed and wait for the American new day. Now trying to slow down, lest I finish it too fast.

    I’m glad I read the Lord Collector before Queen of Fire; it is strikingly pertinent. I’d recommend it to fellow fans who haven’t already read it. Though the Blackguards anthology – I can’t speak for the audible version – is, for some reason I can’t fathom, pretty hard to get in ebook form for non-US/non-EU readers like myself. I ended up buying it from Kobo.

    Thanks again! And a small complaint/plea with an eye to the future, if I may: please don’t “let” a publisher stall your already finished book from publication for this long again. If I recall correctly from an interview, we waited close to a year on a finished book. Now that Raven’s Shadow is complete, I hope you have garnered enough of a following to ensure that you can publish at the pace you write regardless of market saturation concerns. I know I will read everything you write!

  • Taylor

    Not a happy day to live in the states! I’ve been bugging my significant other daily, “Two weeks! Thirteen days! Twelve…!” I envy those of you that get a head start, and thanks again to Anthony for putting out such a wonderful, engaging story. Until your movie…

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