Queen of Fire – US Cover Reveal

The US cover for Queen of Fire seems to be percolating out through various places today so I thought I’d go ahead and share it. Heartfelt thanks to everyone at Ace for their hard work on this. Blurb on the Amazon pre-order page.

Queen of Fire cover

18 responses to “Queen of Fire – US Cover Reveal

  • Darryl

    Cannot wait for the release! Cover looks great, thanks for sharing. Is the UK cover out?

  • jon snowy

    Really like the cover !

    Can you tell us who the cover artist is ?

  • Rebecca

    Love it! Intrigued to see the axe and not a sword.. Actually cannot wait for Queen of Fire 🙂

  • Bill

    I just discovered this series 2 weeks ago and I am just about done with Tower Lord. I thoroughly enjoy this series and can not wait until Queen of Fire.

  • Chris

    Love the series and can’t wait for the last book. Will this also be released as an audiobook and if so who will be narrating?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Chris,
      The audiobook will be released on the same day as the hardcover and the ebook (2nd July in the UK and 7th July in the US). Hopefully, Steven Brand will be returning to do the narration but I haven’t had this confirmed yet.

      • Babalo reda

        Hello Anthony, I am a huge fan, I will preorder the audiobook as soon as it is available for preorder. Loved Tower lord, love Vaelin. I have a couple of questions:
        1. My only problem with audiobooks is that sometimes narrators cannot do justice to the emotions of the scene or characters or sometimes its hard to distinguish who is talking. Will you ever consider Graphic Audio to make an audiobook of your Raven’s Shadow series? (personally I love it to death, and their are cast of actors who do incredible performance. its hard going back to standard audiobooks after listening to GA performance)
        2. Are you Vaelin? which character do u see most off yourself in?

      • Anthony Ryan

        Hi Babalo,
        I’d certainly love to see (or rather hear) a full cast recording of my books, it’s pretty much up to my publisher though since they hold the audio rights.
        I’m very much not Vaelin, he’s a lot taller than me for a start. I don’t think I really resemble any of my characters that much, but I’m probably most like Alucius, though much older and not as drunk.

  • Taylor

    I have told so many about the quality of your books. Positive responses have been given by all of them. Have you been approached for a movie/tv deal yet? Promise us that you’ll refuse unless they run all decisions by you!

    Thanks Anthony. I look forward to your future series.

  • Joe

    YES! I have been waiting and searching the internet for when your next book will be released! I am so glad the audio version will be out along with the print release. Thank you for this amazing series.

  • William Egan

    Hi Anthony,

    Really looking forward to Queen of Fire – is there any chance of a pre-release chapter or two to help with the wait?!


  • andrea_luhman

    Love the US Cover! I so look forward to reading it.

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