Writing News – Tower Lord Milestone #2

The 9 chapters comprising Part I of Tower Lord are now complete in the first draft. Total word count now stands at 59,000+. The daily total has slowed somewhat due to a stinking cold, but I am working through it. Watch this space for further updates.

17 responses to “Writing News – Tower Lord Milestone #2

  • SciFi & Fantasy Reader

    Your amazon ratings are astounding for Raven’s Shadow Book 1. 28 5 star reviews is a miracle for any author, as of 5/17/2012, and no lower ratings.

    I am an avid escapist reader – sci fi and fantasy both. Your work is as good or better than all the “represented” writers in the same genre. And here is why I say this: I wish you advertised more. Your work advertises itself because it is so great, but others deserve to have access to your stories, and you deserve the money for your hard work. I don’t know how or where an author advertises a “fantasy” novel, but I hope you are looking into more visible marketing.

    Good luck in your endeavours. I am waiting for your next book, and I hope you don’t pull a Robert Jordan marathon or a waiting game like R.R. Martin (and even if you do, I am sure I’ll stick it out – your work is that great!)

  • Stephine

    Just left my review on Goodreads. I have to say, bravo!! And as Sci-Fi said, I wish I’d known about your book before. I’ll spread the word to anyone willing to listen. Cheers!

    • Boaz

      Well, I, for one, wish I knew about the book at a much later date – I just can’t wait for the Tower Lord 🙂

      And yet, I do hope for a similar quality of storytelling, which I know requires much time.

      Such a great addition to the genre really makes me wish I could write 🙂
      Thank you for a wonderful story.

  • Anx

    I was amazed by your book. I am sad that I finished and cannot continue he story. I eagerly await the second novel. Take your time, write another book that reads as well as the first. Please don’t make the same mistake so many authors do and rush it. Good luck and thank you for taking me on such an amazing adventure.

  • denis ward

    Ditto, I cannot put it down, started yesterday and couldn’t wait to get home today to finish it. It is a great book, thank you,
    Denis, Aussie.

  • Ian

    Just finished book 1, and it was amazing! Thanks so much!

  • Sara

    Just finished blood song. Took me one day! Renewed my faith in the genre…please keep the updates coming. I wonder about Caenus. ….he seemed forlorn at the end there – not in Vaelin’s thoughts at all…

  • Sonya

    Congratulations on an amazing book! I never comment on blogs etc., but I had to move out of lurker status to post that. I can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Sara

    Anthony- I was wondering it you have any drawings of your characters. It would be delightful to see an illustration of how the artist sees his own creations!

  • Todd Hall

    Just have read Blood song. Been a long time since I chose a book over sleep. Thank you for that gift! Looking forward to missing sleep with a good read.

  • WarriorWolf

    I have only left a comment one time before to a writer and that was David Gemmell, whom I regard has the Master of Heroic Fantasy. But, I simply had to say thank you. Very nice work on the Blood Song! Like the others, I encourage you to keep ‘singing!’

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