Tower Lord – UK Release Day

Tower Lord is released in the UK today in hardback, ebook and audio formats. Where-to-buy links have been added to the books page. This edition should also now be available in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Many thanks to everyone at Orbit UK for their hard work on making this happen, especially my editor James Long.

Tower Lord UK cover

13 responses to “Tower Lord – UK Release Day

  • colliemum

    Got this book this morning – have finished reading Part One – gotta get back to reading a.s.a.p.- just wanted to say this is as fantastic and gripping and altogether as brilliant as ‘Blood Song’.
    Well worth waiting for, especially as I’ve read ‘Blood Song’ three times now to make the wait bearable, so I recognise all the persons and places and remember what they did before now.
    Thank you, thank you so much!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks for the kind words, Vivian. You are the reason I do this.

      • colliemum

        Thank you for your reply, Anthony – sorry I’m answering late, I had to finish reading ‘Tower Lord’!

        There’s simply one word for it: outstanding.

        Without spoilers: the many surprising turns revealing the personalities are breathtaking, but never feel like being forced, they all grow out of events in ‘Blood Song’ so that one feels one ought to have seen it coming.
        I’m looking forward to re-reading ‘Tower Lord’, in the hope that the next instalment may appear as quickly as possible!

  • David

    So, what about book 3? I don’t think it is reasonable to have to endure this agony for a year or more in order to have other shot of this drug that will last for a day or two or three depending on the person. Tell pinguin to make their job faster. Btw, it was a nice read with pace and tension on every page. If I would have to criticize something it will have to be the multiview point style, I want more Al Sorna and less other characters, although it was not that bad because there are just 4 of them.

    Sorry for my English, evidently it is not my mother tonge.

  • Aidan

    Just finished it. Love the widening in scope and apocalyptic feel of the thing, and that the non Vaelin characters have to grow up. Bastard of a cliff hanger too. Well played Sir.

  • avery hodge

    Hello my name is Avery. I have always preferred reading the fantasy genre and also because I am a very fussy reader I tend to leave books only half finished. After reading works like Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive or Patrick Rothfus’ s Kingkiller Chronicles I have become even worse. Afterreading Word’s Of Radiance I was truly disheartened too know that it is now going to be so much worse for me to get through a book. Then when going through review after review on different sites to find a new book I came across Blood Song and it left me curious. After reading the book it had left me wanting more.
    The story just pulled me in leaving me wanting more and that was a long two month wait. After starting Tower Lord I will say that I was a bit hesitant. I have read many sequels that have made me stop reading because of the author changing the style of writing and/or adding new main characters I am glad to say that was not the case here. The way you put in the multiple views helped with getting to understand the characters and what was going on at the end of the book.
    I liked Reva as a character and was glad you did not drag her situation out too much but just enough too understand her points of view and inner turmoil. I also really liked the way Lyrna’s character developed and got too understand her better. But I truly thought you were cruel with the way you ended it. That was horrible a good way to get people to be waiting (frustrated as hell) but wanting the next book.
    Now that I looked back I wrote alot especially using a tablet but as I hope you can tell I really enoyed the books and am truly anticipating the next book and glad to be leaving a good review since for some reason I do not think author’s like my bad reviews since I tend to be too blunt.

  • Cat

    Just finished Tower Lord and immediately popped on here to see if there is a release date for the next one yet, because I seriously can’t wait for it! Wow – what a great read! I think I’m actually having heart palpitations.You rock my socks, Mr Ryan!

  • Andy Gilchrist

    Hi Anthony, I love the books, really enjoyed Blood Song and the first half of Tower Lord. I felt TL could have benefitted from sharper editing – thought the battle stuff was a bit overplayed and the shark a step too far which made it feel a bit too mainstream for your style – did you change editors for TL? I only say this (constructively) because I think at your best you give Erikson a run for his money and I reckon you can write a crackerjack of a book 3. I wish you luck with the third and hope you keep the grainy, gothic feel to series. AG

  • Heidi V

    I loved Blood Song and waited an age for Tower Lord, which was well worth the wait! Now ‘just’ a year to wait for the next book…I’m counting the days!
    Thank you for raising the fantasy bar even higher Mr Ryan.

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