Tower Lord – Signed UK Hardcovers & Maps

Thanks to Rob at Anderida Books for letting me know he is now taking pre-orders for signed first editions of the UK Tower Lord hardcover. You can email him at

Also, due to popular demand (i.e. the two tweets I received) I’ve updated the Map Room with the maps from Tower Lord for anyone who has trouble reading them in the ebook.

And finally, if anyone missed it, this happened yesterday (which was pleasant).



4 responses to “Tower Lord – Signed UK Hardcovers & Maps

  • Tanner

    Congratulations on the release! How does one go about getting a signed first edition hardcover in the states?

  • John C.

    Congratulations and a big thank you Anthony for this Grand/Epic fantasy. A personal favorite. In this book I met old and new friends which I happily journey with till the book ends.


  • Scott k

    Fantastic! Love the world you’ve created. Congrats on the Top 100!
    Can’t wait for more.

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