Tower Lord audiobook – Sample

Thanks to Hachette Audio for posting a seven minute sample from the Tower Lord audiobook as read by the enviably voiced Mr Steven Brand:


PS. Tower Lord is now only 108 hours away if you live in the US and 124 in the UK, just in case anyone was counting.

7 responses to “Tower Lord audiobook – Sample

  • banzaichicks

    The recording sounds great! I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of the series! I have mine pre-ordered already on! I loved Blood Song!

  • andrewjbusa

    Is there anywhere we can get a summary of Blood Song in preparation for the new book? I’m afraid I don’t have enough time for a re-read before Tower Lord.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Andrew. I don’t have a summary as such but if you take a look at the reviews on the Interviews/Reviews/Articles page you should be able to piece together an outline of the plot.
      You could always re-read then buy Tower Lord, it’ll still be there.

  • chorusofthyestes

    I’m waiting, would it that we could get it sooner. I finished my most recent book yesterday and thus I am now in limbo.

  • Jmont

    Read the tower lord in 4 days… I…just couldn’t stop lol. Really a pleasure to read.

  • mrsdick

    I feel like I have been waiting a lifetime, can’t wait, charging the kindle for a much anticipated reading binge

  • tommy

    Can’t wait. “Blood Song” is the most enjoyable book I’ve ever read. I’ve nearly completed my 6th reading.

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