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Orbit have now confirmed that the Blood Song audiobook will be available in the UK on 12th June. This will be the same version as the US edition as read by the excellent Steven Brand. I can also confirm that the Tower Lord audiobook will also be released in the UK at the same time as the ebook and hardback. I’m currently awaiting confirmation on the position regarding distribution in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa and will post an update when I know one way or the other. Many thanks to my UK editor, James Long, and everyone at Orbit for their hard work in making this happen.

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  • Steve Caldwell

    I just finished Blood Song and I have to say, I was amazed! Excellent character building, a creative magic system and a plot that kept me guessing the whole time. Can’t wait for the Tower Lord. Steven Brand did a great job as a narrator, I’d put him top 5 with Michael Kramer, Luke Daniels and Phil Gigante.

  • Chris Wyrosdick

    I have been a fantasy fan for about 22 years, since middle school. It’s really all I read, and I read constantly. I have read all of the greats of the past, as well as every author on pretty much every credible epic fantasy top 25 list. You, Mr. Ryan, should be at or near the top on all of those. Seems like every fantasy critic these days thinks characters are required to be gray, and that if they have a truly bad side they are somehow more human. You prove that is not a requirement for every gritty new fantasy, Vaelin is far more human to me than the Bloody Nine or Karsa Orlong, and extremely more so than Prince Jorg Ancrath. Here’s hoping you get more recognition and rise to the top where you belong.

  • Arthur Coppernoll

    I’m not angry, but I just have to say I created the name Vaelin Moc Torah a long time ago, and I feel as if you’ve stolen it. If you could only be honest and tell me the source of where you got the name, I’ll be happy. Even if you did steal it from me. Okay? All I want is honesty and to not sound like a prude. You can message me on Tumblr or via email.

  • theaudiobooky

    Hi, my name is Sam.
    I am an avid reader of the fantasy genre. Though I must admit I am more in favour of swords, shields and spears rather than spells.
    So when I stumbled upon Bloodsong I was glad. What I really enjoyed in this book was the growth of Vaelin as a character. Most fantasy books feature two types of main heroes. The first is the young upstart with loads of potential that begins to grow into his/her powers abilities or combat prowess. And the hero who already has a fearsome reputation. In Bloodsong you have managed to combine both types into Vaelin. Steven Brand’s narration does the book justice, now when I hear the name Vaelin, it is his voice that comes to mind. The images are vivid and even without sight I had no problem visualising them in my head.

    Looking forward to listening to the second instalment!

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