‘Raven’s Shadow’ in Dutch is…

In de Schaduw van de Raaf – I know this because the Dutch version is now available. If anyone has a high-res version of the cover please let me know.

Raven's Shadow - Dutch Cover

6 responses to “‘Raven’s Shadow’ in Dutch is…

  • shamanNS

    You had higher res cover on the page that you linked 😉 http://www.boekdb.nl/mediafile/525bedbb6a2237.62300520.jpg

  • Peter

    That’s an interesting translation. “In the Shadow of the Raven”… That gives the book titles an interesting sort of feeling. “Blood Song In the Shadow of the Raven” or “Tower Lord In The Shadow of the Raven”. I dig it. Its got a nice flow.

  • Alex Sons

    Hi Ryan,I’ve got the book and am very pleased with it. The picture you’ve shown was only a meager 300 DPI. I have a scanner capable of 600DPI (which is four times as many pixels), but…my scan is rather ameuristic and the book is clearly not in mint condition anymore….still I’ll sent you my scan, hope you appreciate it.

  • nicolai

    hey Anthony , just finished you’re book in dutch translation , it was unbelievable good and now i’m waiting for the next , do you know when you’re next will be translated ?

    greetings from Belgium , Nicolai

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Nicolai, No word on the Dutch release for book 2 as yet. I’ll post any news here when I get it. Glad you liked the first one.

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