So this happened…

Amazon best 2013Which is nice.

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  • zarilya

    The first thought that came to my mind was seriously “Well… Duh.” Perhaps not very eloquent but true never the less!
    You deserve every bit of success.

  • Bill

    Loved this book! Already forwarded recommendations to my brothers, who all share an interest in his genre. I can’t believe that I never found it earlier! Can’t wait for book 2.

  • NIrishRob

    I agree – its a fantastic book – I am buying another copy for my brothers Xmas pressie

  • Jason Kaskel (@jason_kaskel)

    Well deserved! Best book in the genre I’ve read since Kingkiller Chronicles. Superb character development and engrossing story.


    Wow!! Well deserved. Congrats!!

    Carol Sent from my iPhone


  • Scott

    I have read at least 50 books this year in this genre and it is not even a contest, Blood Song wins at a canter, well done sir. Book 2 please 🙂

  • Michael Dziok

    That is great, I’m actually surprised I didn’t come across you book on a best of list. I found it on Goodreads with a 5 star rating and it didn’t disappoint.

  • peter anderson

    Congrats.. your book is awesome, and well deserves it, and i was surprised it took sooo long as many are unaware how good it is but i guess that goes for being debut. Now, Impatiently waiting for “Tower lord”. Good Luck..

  • Wendy Gray

    Just borrowed Blood Song from my local library in Narellan (south western Sydney, Australia. Wonderful. Whenever I think that it has all been written already, along comes an author with a new take and a fresh voice. Action, emotion and plot all beautifuly balanced. I love that we learn about the world of the book at a good pace and with the characters.Well done. More, please!

  • Georgi Petkov

    I ordered Ryan’s book on bookdepository and they don’t have it ?!?

  • David Gibson

    “Which is nice” straight out of the Fast Show if I remember rightly. Made me chuckle. Great book by the way

  • Peter

    I cannot imagine why that would be nice to you. You just lost the hipster market.

    All sarcasm aside congratulations Anthony!

  • Bryan

    Just finished this book after buying it yesterday. I would have to agree, this one moved right up there with some of my favorite books, and one of the best i have read in awhile. Glad to see that book 2 isn’t too far away. Here’s to hoping your next series falls along the same genre.

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