Blood Song – UK ebook Now Available for Pre-Order

The UK ebook version of Blood Song is now available for pre-order, with a release date in mid-April. The UK hardcover will be available on 4th July. This means my original listing on will disappear over the next few days. This edition is the edited version which has benefited from the input of my editor at Ace and their copy-editing and proof-reading team, so there are a few changes from my own self-published version. However, fans of the original should rest assured that the changes are not extensive and consist mainly of some grammatical tweaking, expanding one chapter a little and reducing another even less. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who can spot all the changes.

Also, I can now reveal the final version of the UK cover. Enjoy:


19 responses to “Blood Song – UK ebook Now Available for Pre-Order

  • meanpoppa

    I really liked the US book cover but the UK Blood Song cover is really kick-azz!

  • Valerie Zambito

    Discovered your book on a Goodreads thread and very much look forward to reading. Best of luck.

  • StephenB

    I thought this was a wonderful book. I found the pacing to be masterful. it seems to be the exception rather than the rule to write a book that doesn’t drag anywhere. Interesting that it’s been out so long in digital but is only now coming out in print. I hope it does really well for you.

  • James

    I am curious to see what the changes are but to be honest I much prefer the US cover

  • mike

    Me too. I’d love to be able to compare. Any chance of a breakdown? What got added, what got cut, etc?

  • Cathy

    I don’t really care about changes. The version I read was just plain AWESOME!!! Okay, when will Book 2 be ready for download? I sincerely hope it will be soon…….

  • Larry

    HeY When Is Tower Lord Coming Out? And Will I Have To Download Penguin To Read It OR Can I Get It Off Of Amazon Kindle

  • Peter Blackburn

    Amazon recommended Blood Song – I have to say I haven’t enjoyed a fantasy novel as much as this in a long time. It really was excellent.

    I’ve since bought the two Slab City Blues novellas from Amazon and have now come to your blog to get the first two.

    Keep up the good work! I’m so pleased to have found another author to add to my “must read” list.

  • Celia

    Just finished your amazing book last night and couldn’t go to sleep afterwards, so many adventures to relive and so many more to follow! An absolute joy to read, thank you for a great tale 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next book eagerly. Thumbs up friend! 🙂

  • Carly

    Any chance of a paperback? I hate digital 🙁

  • rania

    I am 77% through with Blood Song and I have to say its been a while since I’ve read something this good. I almost dont want to finish it.

  • Stephanie S

    Loved your book- found it by reading an article on books with bad covers, but worth the read (and it was definitely worth the read – it is definitely in my top 10). A little weirded out though on why he is wearing two swords on the uk cover?

  • DaveS

    Bit late with this comment but still…

    Funnily enough, I’m currently reading the original self-published version of the book on kindle and I’ve been thinking to myself that the story-telling is excellent and it’s really impressive especially for a debut novel (never mind a self-published one), but on the other hand that it was a shame it couldn’t have benefitted from an editor / proof-reading team to iron out some of the grammar, and a few errors that I noticed had crept in, eg with the numbers of the different Orders in at least one dialogue.

    This isn’t meant as a criticism by the way – or if it is it’s only a really little one (and I’m a pedant anyway!) – but more to say that I’m really pleased to have learned from this blog that the book has earned itself a print publishing deal, which is totally deserved, and that it will be benefitting from the one thing I thought it was missing to make it even better.

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