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I’m very happy to announce that I recently agreed to sign a contract with Berkley Publishing Group in the US for publication of the Raven’s Shadow trilogy. Berkley is a US imprint of Penguin Books which includes the Ace and Roc Sci-Fi/Fantasy lines, so it will be an honour to have my work appear on the same imprint as Stephen Donaldson, Joe Haldeman, Ursula LeGuin and William Gibson (among many others).

It will take some time for the print edition of Blood-Song to appear so rest assured the current ebook version will remain available, at the same price, probably into 2013.

I’m aware of the ongoing debate about traditional versus indie publishing and fully appreciate why some authors have chosen to stick with the independent route. However, having thought about it long and hard, I decided this was the best choice for me. If I’m ever going to get to the point where I can start writing full time I need my work to reach a wider audience, including foreign language markets and bookstores, neither of which are open to me at present.

Many readers will no doubt be wondering what this means for Tower Lord. The fact is, at this stage I just don’t know. I still intend to finish it this year, but giving any indication as to a publication date would be pure speculation at this point. I’ll post any news here in due course.

Now, off to celebrate with a marathon session on Sniper Elite V2 (buy it, it’s really good).

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  • Sara

    Controversy-schmontroversy! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Sailor

    Congratulations Antony!, as I said in other comments “Blood Song” should have been a hardback release. Your as good or better then anyone out there writing today. I am glad some publisher was smart enough to sign you. I had posted on Baen’s forums that they should sign you (Not that they have any reason to listen to me, but what the heck). Still It is nice to see creative talent get paid, I hope there was was a significant signing bonus.

    I still wish it were Baen, mainly because they allow readers to purchase advanced readers copies of books months before their release. I would not have to wait as long “Tower Lord”….

    Again congratulations, I look forward to many great books from you in the coming years.

    Best regards

  • Robert Paulson

    Fantastic news! Out of sheer curiosity, did you approach Berkley Publishing or did they contact you? It must have felt great getting that deal after running the traditional query letter marathon last year =)

  • jackie ling wong

    Reading it now… Thank you so much… I needed this.

  • Betos

    Congratulations! Good for you, good for you… not so for us I think, was hoping to read Tower Lord this year, alas it was never to be.
    With your talent, which is shown in Blood Song, it’s not surprising the publisher came to you, it’s been quite awhile since I didn’t even consider skipping a paragraph in a fantasy novel.

    • Anna

      I agree with both you and Alex below, Talk about internal conflict. 🙂 I am happy for the author and he totally deserves it, more than some other authors I won’t name. But…. but…. but… I am absolutely selfish and I cant wait!!!

  • Alex Ross

    I am sorry to hear that you signed with a publisher but only for my own selfish reasons. I read three or four books a week and so purchase very few traditionally published works these days as the price is usually prohibitively high. I will however be adding your name to the few authors that I will pay hardcover prices for. Blood song was truly magnificent and I hope you do get to write full time as I look forward to many great books in the future.

    • MD Haddick

      As a librarian, I want to remind you that you don’t have to purchase every one of those high-priced titles – you can get some at your local public library!

      • Alex Ross

        Thanks. Been a while since I checked out the library. I only read ebooks though these days and I am not sure the local library has a very good selection.

  • JP

    Congratulations, dear sir!!

  • Susan Bell

    Congratulation! I just finished reading Bloodsong. I like it so much I’m re-reading it, something I rarely do! Looking forward to the next publication, even if it is hard cover.

  • B. Justin Shier

    What a great honor. Congratulations!


  • Roger

    I have only just started reading this genre, Ive read four novels by David Gemmell and now yours, you truly have the x factor and I’m loving blood song, you write it and I’ll buy it.

  • Chris

    Greetings from Brazil. I read a lot, and ebooks just make it so easy. Thank you for the wonderful journey!!! And yes, think of us, readers in the far away lands!

  • Larry

    So glad you can focus on writing full time. After reading Blood Song, that benefits us the readers. I loved it, and couldn’t put it down. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading, thank you for a fresh new read.

  • Anna

    You deserve it! I just finished devouring Blood Song. It was an amazing book and I wait with bated breath for the next.

  • Sharon Murphy Karpierz

    Congrats! Well deserved. I think your writing is spectacular and I wait impatiently for the rest of the trilogy.

  • Michael J. Sullivan (@author_sullivan)

    Congratulations! We are traveling similar routes. I originally self-published my Riyria Revelations and than contracted with Orbit (fantasy imprint of big-six Hachette Book Group). I’m still a huge supporter of indie publishing, but can say without hesitation that switching to traditional was absolutely the right move for me, and I think it will work out very well for you as well.

    • Anna

      HA! I just finished Riyria before I read Blood Song. Great great great books! I liked them so much I bought them twice. Once for me on Kindle and, since my husband refuses the lure of e-books, once in actual book form for him. I read a review (the worst one I could find, which was still 4/5 stars) on Riyria where the person said he kind of couldn’t get attached to the characters. Pffft. There was a particular part (no spoilers) near the end when it seemed as thou a certain someone was going to do a certain something having to do with a large magical creature…. I actually had tears in my eyes! In my mind I was shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂 Anyway, You guys are both great and I look forward to seeing more from both of you!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Michael. Maybe we’re establishing a new pattern. No more relying on agents as the gatekeepers, (I hate that term, like publishing is heaven and agents are St Peter at the Pearly Gates (I’m not bitter)). Now readers are the gatekeepers. Time will tell.

      • Kom

        Will you get an agent now that you have a contract? I imagine they are useful for a few things after you have done the back labor, stories and chapters into collections, and lord help you screenwriting opportunities. Clearly you are able to deal from a position of strength, all the moreso if digital sales continue to accelerate. I imagine that it is often nicer to talk to your editor about editing rather than royalties, and those agents are sooo incented. On the other hand, where were they last year?

    • WarriorWolf

      Micheal, I have to say your Riyria novels ere absolutely some of bet stuff in Heroic Fantasy that I’ve read in awhile! First rate! Didn’t see Royce’s situation coming at all. Nicely done!

  • Darryl

    Hi Anthony,

    Can you tell us if the release date of the 2nd book will be affected by this (great) news? I am assuming that Berkley PG/Penguin will want to give Blood Song some traction on paper before releasing book 2 (Tower Lord).

    I look forward to adding Blood Song to my Hardback book collection. While I LOVE my Kindle, I also enjoy having a physical library I can share and discuss with my friends. It’s nice to be able to read them electronically prior to committing to the HB.

    Hopefully you will do some book signings in the US or set up something similar to what Rothfuss has done for people that enjoy collecting an autographed version. I am sure this will open up an entirely new set of challenges/decisions.

    Best Wishes

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Darryl,
      It’ll be some months before the first book appears as a hardback, so I’m afraid book 2 won’t appear any time soon – plus I actually have to write it first. Something I really should be getting back to…

      • Rebekah

        I am anxiously awaiting book 2. Any word on a release date???? The suspense is killing me. I loved Blood Song and have recommended it to numerous friends. To be honest, this is the first book that has pulled me in so quickly in a long time. Amazing writing and story!!!!

  • Greg

    I was wondering if you have any update on raven’s shadow book 2, just finished the first one and loved it, absolutely fantastic, can’t wait for book 2 so any idea of when to look for it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Peter

    I really look forward to reading the second installment of this great tale!

  • Renee Crabtree

    Congratulations on your book contract! Once Blood Song appears in hardback you’ll be writing full-time, have no fear. Your talent is immense. I can’t wait.

  • RO

    Bad habit=posting reply to ancient comment; i.e., indulgent impulse with few redeeming qualities.
    Ironic=Re-Reading old posts of Ur-Lord Authors Blog while Re-Reading Most Excellent Novel; i.e. posting obscure comments in hard to find places, whilst being obscure and hard to find at work.
    Funny to see mentioning Stephen R., spot on bookshelf reserved for hardback “Shadow of Raven” series smack dab next to “Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.” All shelf positions based on “B.A.” rankings. We the readers have high expectations tempered with confidence, at least I do. Really enjoy the work man, can’t wait to BUY that hard copy and contribute to the career. Get paid brother. Find the tales, pass them on, and live on with your brother Aspects and Ur-Lords.

  • Nat

    CONGRATS. CONGRATS. CONGRATS. I read Blood Song the first time and just fell in love with it, and sincerely hoped some smart publisher was watching the reviews and statistics of how awesome a novel it was, and I wanted them to, so you could make enough money to kick the other jobs, and concentrate on Book 2…I’ve just re-read and rechecked this forum for news on Tower Lord,,,,and now to the wait…can’t I be the reviewer??

  • Goose McCollum

    Bro we need book 2 to come out something fierce. Please help us needy readers!

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