Tower Lord Milestone #3

Passed 100,000 words of the first draft today. I must admit my daily word-count of late has not been as high as I would like, but I am writing every day and remain happy with the quality and the way the story is shaping up. And, in anticipation of an oft-asked question, no I don’t have a release date yet.

As Chuck Heston once told Pope Rex Harrison in answer to the question: “When will you make an end?” – “When I’m done.”

(And I’m not saying my work is on a par with the Sistene Chapel or anything… that’s for other people to say.)

12 responses to “Tower Lord Milestone #3

  • Ashley

    Can’t wait for book two. Just finished Blood Song, excellent work!

  • Betos

    Blood Song is a great story, worth much more than 3$ in my opinion, I know I would pay more.
    Though I must say I worry a little about the sequel, can you pull a winning story again?
    I presume we will keep following Vaelin?
    Good luck!

  • Jonah

    Just finished reading Blood Song, excellent story. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about self published fantasy, but I have to say your book made me realize that due to my prejudice I’ve been missing some fine reading. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  • JJ

    I could not believe I got your book at $1.50. It was pure gold, I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the second one.

  • David Fuller

    I’ve not read many good books over the past few years. Seems that the ‘indie’ explosion has made it difficult to wade in the waters for all the flotsam that has appeared.

    Saying this, my wife had bought this book and indicated it was surprisingly good. After completing it, I am in agreement with her and others whom have provided their reviews. Frankly speaking, until reading this book I despaired of anything truly well written appearing amidst the dross.

    Perhaps there could have been more. What that might have been I do not know. I know that the story flowed, was not predictable, and was of interest. I hope that the best is to come, in this series or another you might create I’m the future. Undoubtedly, there is a future should the next book be equal or better. Success is defined by repeated and frequent demonstration of talent.

    Let the first book remain as it is. Publish the second when it’s ready in both forms. In this, you can appease the masses while retaining the dignity of accomplishing the unlikely on your own.

  • Jim Rolighed

    Awesome book, I just finished book 5 of Song of Fire and Ice, and wanted something easy to read. Then accidently up with Blood Song and was once again fully engrossed in an epic story. I didn’t mind one bit 🙂
    I did find the whole setup of the 6th Order school, very Harry Potter-ish. Not in a bad way though, made me wonder if HP had been better if more people were killed.
    Anyway, great book, looking forward to next one. As anyone else agrees, it really should cost more than 3$ it is much better than 95% of anything else out there. 🙂

  • steven

    i’m halfway threw the first book and i gotta say its up there with jordan,goodkind,martin and rothfuss,,i hope mr.ryan doesnt make us wait years between books,,,i wish an author would come along and put books out at a good pace,i think brent weeks is the closest one too it right now,,but anyways thanx mr.ryan,,i love this series

  • Mike

    I am old. I have read everything in this genre (almost) Cook and the Black was at the top, followed closely by Erikson, occasionally. Now you have topped Cook. Keep it up, (and hurry up. please).

  • Michael R. Barth

    I really enjoyed reading Blood Song, Unfortunately, I still feel a little guilty about paying so little for such a good book. I can hardly wait to purchase your new book with your new publisher so I can assuage some of my guilt over not reimbursing you adequately for your fine work.

  • Stacey Gibson

    I just completed Blood Song and found myself wanting the second book immediately! Once I began reading, I completed the book in three days. As an avid reader of fantasy writing, I would rank this number one on my list! Please continue the story of Vaelin and tell us of his song. This was a truly wonderful book and I am anxiously waiting for the second in the series.

  • Hollis

    Yeah it was a good book. You need a publicist though. B/c it was really under the radar for the quality. It was hard to google to find out whether the sequel was even in production…

    dont dare stop.

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