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New ‘Tower Lord’ review and last ever screen grab (for now)

Thanks to Joshua S. Hill for his review of Tower Lord on Fantasy Book Review.

Taking stock after a hectic, but very exciting couple of days, I have become increasingly aware that I’m checking my Amazon sales ranking is far too often whilst filling up my pictures folder with screen grabs. As this is probably not conducive to a stable mental state, and I real work to do, I’ve decided to stop doing it. Therefore I, Anthony Ryan, hereby swear to the Dark Gods I shall no longer check my sales ranking on an hourly basis nor take any more screen grabs… apart from this one which shows Tower Lord at number one on the Amazon UK fantasy chart as of this morning (last one, I promise):

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Tower Lord – New Review

Thanks, as ever, to Faye at The Social Potato for her review of Tower Lord. She also did a video review of Blood Song last year which you can view here.

Tower Lord – Fantasy Book Critic Review

Thanks to Mihir at Fantasy Book Critic for posting the first in-depth review of Tower Lord. It does feature some mild spoilers so you may want to wait if you’re hoping to come to the book completely cold.