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The Scarlet Ziggurat – Free Seven Swords Short Story

As a thank you to their readers, Subterranean Press are giving away an ebook of my short story The Scarlet Ziggurat. This is a prequel story set in the same world as my Seven Swords novella series.


For centuries, the Scarlet Ziggurat, once the palace of a fabled Sorcerer Queen, has lain undisturbed beneath the dunes of the southern desert. Now Guyime, dispossessed king and wielder of the demon cursed Nameless Blade, has come to claim the ziggurat’s secrets. Guided by a mighty sorcerer, Guyime must defeat ancient and malign forces to claim his promised reward: release from the cursed sword on his back and the endless taunts of its demon inhabitant. But, in a world where magic equates to power, can any bargain be trusted?

The Scarlet Ziggurat is an exciting prequel adventure to the highly acclaimed Seven Swords series from New York Times bestselling author Anthony Ryan.

Once again, many thanks to Didier Graffet for the wonderful cover illustration.

To claim your free copy simply go to the Subterranean Press website and download it. You don’t ned to do anything else, but if anyone feels like expressing their gratitude by joining their mailing list or buying one of their books, I’m sure they’d be delighted.

For anyone new to the Seven Swords series, this story doesn’t contain any spoilers for the other books and can be read in isolation. If you’re a newcomer to this world, start with Book One A PILGRIMAGE OF SWORDS. 

Also, a reminder that the pre-order for Book Five of the series, Across the Sorrow Sea, is now live. Go here for details.