The Raven’s Blade – Book 2 Title Reveal

As it’s already filtered out in certain places, I can reveal that the title of the second and final book in The Raven’s Blade duology is… (sharp intake of baited breath, drum roll, suspense stretched thinner than a prime minister’s credibility etc):


No cover or description yet but watch this space. It looks like the US pre-order page hasn’t gone up yet but UK readers can pre-order the ebook and hardcover here:

Other formats and territories to follow when I have them.

The Black Song is scheduled for release on July 2nd, 2020. This date may vary by a few days but rest assured I’ve already delivered the book to my publishers and it will be coming out next year.

In the meantime, anyone who’s not yet caught up on the further adventures of Vaelin Al Sorna should grab a copy of The Wolf’s Call, Book 1 of The Raven’s Blade.

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Pre-order the UK paperback:

5 responses to “The Raven’s Blade – Book 2 Title Reveal

  • Jesse Cotterill

    I cannot wait!

  • Chris

    Hi Anthony!
    Loved the Raven’s Shadow series and just finished Wolf’s Call tonight. Excellent follow-up book and continuation of Vaelin’s story arc.

    Do you have any plans to continue writing books set in the realm after the final Raven’s Blade book? I would love to read about some of your other characters from the Raven’s Shadow series (like Lyrna and Frentis).

  • Till

    Hey Anthony!
    Do you know when the german translation of The Wolf‘s Call is released?
    Im Loopings very fortward to the german Version cause i love the Raven‘s Shadow trilogy

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