The Empire of Ashes – US Cover Reveal



I’m delighted to reveal the US cover for The Empire of Ashes, the third and final volume in The Draconis Memoria.

Thanks to Leesha Hannigan for the spectacular illustration and to the graphics team at Ace/Roc for the cover design. You can see more of Leesha’s work on her website (hint: she likes dragons, a lot).

The Empire of Ashes is released on July 3rd, 2018. Check back soon for a sample chapter and the reveal of the UK cover.

Pre-order the e-book here:  –  –  Nook  –  iBooks

Pre-order the hardcover here:  –  Barnes & Noble  –  Indiebound

3 responses to “The Empire of Ashes – US Cover Reveal

  • Warren

    Hi, when is the paperback version being released in North America? I see a version out there on Amazon (black cover) which doesn’t match the style of the hardcover or the other two books, but looks like it’s over in the UK and is very expensive.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Warren. Looks like the US paperback will be out in June 2019. The listing on is for the UK paperback which is out in February but available as an import to the US, hence the price.
      Thanks for reading.

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