The Legion of Flame – Release Day

The Legion of Flame – Book Two of The Draconis Memoria – is released today in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Links to reviews are on the book page. You can also read a sample chapter here. Two new maps have also been added to the Map Room for the benefit of e-book owners.

Huge thanks to everyone at Ace and Orbit for their hard work in publishing the second volume of the The Draconis Memoria, most especially my editors Jessica Wade and James Long.

5 responses to “The Legion of Flame – Release Day

  • Keith

    I purchased my copy today. Still the plan on three? I go through your books so quickly, I am waiting till the whole series is out before I start. It is easier than waiting after the first book, like I had to with Raven’s Shadow. And that other author I am still waiting on….
    Thanks for the great reads. I loved your detective fiction also….

  • Michael

    Hi Anthony,
    Just went to buy the ebook and its $49.99AU at! Is this a mistake? Not sure why the ebook is so expensive when I could buy a hardcover for less?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Michael,
      I queried this with my UK publisher who hold the Australian rights. The ebook price is displaying at $16.99 now, so I guess the issue has been resolved. Thanks for letting me know.

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