Daily Archives: July 7, 2016

The Waking Fire – UK Release Day

The Waking Fire – Book One of The Draconis Memoria – is released today in the UK. It should also be available in Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand but it might take a day two to appear on vendor sites or in shops.


Buy here:

Ebook:  Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.com Nook  Kobo  ibooks

Hardcover:  Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com  Waterstones  WH Smith The Hive Network  Barnes & Noble  Indiebound

Audiobook: Audible.co.uk Audbile.com

Links to reviews are on the book page. You can also read a sample chapter here. Two new maps have also been added to the Map Room for the benefit of e-book owners.

Many thanks to my UK editor James Long and everyone at Orbit UK for making this happen.