Amazon Slab City Blues Giveaway Screw-up and Second Chance Prize Draw

As those of you who entered the Amazon giveaway for a large format paperback edition of Slab City Blues: The Collected Stories may have noticed, the giveaway ended with no winners. Obviously this was not the intended outcome, for which I apologise to anyone who took the time and trouble to follow me on Amazon in order to enter this contest. The lack of winners resulted from the fact that Amazon requires the giveaway organiser to specify odds of winning depending on the number of expected entries. Amazon calculated this at a surprisingly high 60,000 people, which required me to enter odds of 1 to 6000. I assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that in the event the 60,000 total wasn’t reached Amazon would simply choose 10 winners at random from the 443 people who did enter. In the circumstances I feel it’s only fair to give those 443 people a second chance at winning. Therefore if you did enter the contest and you would still like a chance to win the book please go here to enter a new giveaway. I’m also giving away 10 copies of the ebook.

Slab City Collected Edition - EBook 1563 x 2500

4 responses to “Amazon Slab City Blues Giveaway Screw-up and Second Chance Prize Draw

  • Sharrie

    Well, it was very considerate of you to offer a new giveaway option to those that entered, but unfortunately, not all of us keep all of our emails 🙁 So for some of us, I guess it’s better luck next time.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Point well made Sharrie. I’ll do another post today opening up the paperback giveaway to all comers. I’ve already recorded your entry so no need to email in.

  • Stuart March

    Hi I didn’t keep the e-mail – didn’t think I would need it, please can you still enter me in the competition? Thanks Stuart March

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