Queen of Fire – Signed UK Hardcovers

UK Bookseller The Quill and Claw is now offering signed and personalised UK hardcover editions of Queen of Fire. These may well sell out quickly so order early to avoid disappointment.

12 responses to “Queen of Fire – Signed UK Hardcovers

  • Darryl

    Thank you! Very happy I was able to get one! It pays to check your email often. 🙂 Cannot wait for the release.

    Best Regards ~ Darryl

  • greg

    Is goldsborobooks going to do there’s too?

  • kvothe1984

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    Queen of Fire, Signed, Stamped & Numbered x50

  • Marianne Harrington

    Ordered and excited. Thank you for taking the time to do personalisations!

  • Steve

    Any knowledge of when these will be shipped?

  • Babalo Reda

    Hello Ryan,

    Cover looks great. My favorite one was the chinese Tower Lord.
    Can’t wait for Queen of Fire to come out,

    Two questions for you:
    1. What’s your next book after Queen of Fire?
    2. how long did it take you to write Queen of Fire? I recall you saying Tower Lord took a year, correct me if im wrong. *just trying to guesstimate how long I will have to wait for the next book*

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Babalo,
      Can’t say too much about the next book just yet, hope to announce something soon. I can say that I finished it in February though.
      Queen of Fire took just under 9 months to write, 3 months more than it took to write Tower Lord but it’s a longer and in some way more complicated story.

      • Babalo Reda

        Wow you’ve already completed your next “book” cant wait to hear more about it.

        *Spits out coffee* YOU WROTE TOWER LORD IN 6 MONTH? wow, loved that book, cannot believe that quality was possible in 6 months.

  • Brandon Goodwin

    Congrats in all you have accomplished. I am a new huge fan of your writing. It has been a while since I have been so engrossed in a book that I stayed up all night to read every word with a few hour nap to finish the book. I can’t wait to read more and more of your work. I am so looking forward to read Queen of Fire! I hope to one day get a signed book from you.
    Keep up the excellent work.. You are truly a master …

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