Steven Brand confirmed for Queen of Fire audiobook

I’m very pleased to report Penguin Audio confirmed today that Steven Brand will be returning as narrator for the Queen of Fire audiobook. No pre-order pages yet, but watch this space. For more info on Steven, check out his IMDB page.


8 responses to “Steven Brand confirmed for Queen of Fire audiobook

  • michael

    Excellent! His tone matches the mood of the books perfectly. I wonder if you actually get any say in who does the audiobooks.

  • Cody

    I am very much looking forward to listening to this book! Do you have any vague expectations on when audiobook will be available? I was just wondering if it might be out in the next few months or if it’s looking more like the release will be in 3-6 months from now.
    You’re a wonderful writer Mr. Ryan. In my opinion, you’re on par with some of the great fantasy authors of this generation. You’re right up there Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss on my reading list! I look forward to the conclusion of this trilogy and to seeing what else you’ve got in the works. Thank you and keep on keepin on!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Cody,
      Barring disasters the plan is to simultaneously release Queen of Fire in hardcover, ebook and audio on 2nd July in the UK and 7th July in the US.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  • James Fox

    I often wonder, do you discuss the pronunciations with the narrators? I’m pleased as punch with Mr. Brand making his return, as a primarily audible consumer, it wouldn’t have been the same with out him.

    Is the commentor above correct, is this planned as a trilogy? For some reason I thought Valen would be with us a little longer than the three.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi James,
      Every time a new book is recorded I get a lengthy excel spreadsheet from the producer requesting phonetic pronunciations for the more tricky names. I think Steven has it pretty much down pat by now though.
      This trilogy ends with Queen of Fire but I’m likely to return to the world of Raven’s Shadow at some point in the future.

  • Brian

    I am addicted to these books. I have read them 3 times each and will likely read again before QoF is released. Just can’t get enough and each time I read I pick up on things I either missed, overlooked, or just finally realized re: certain connections etc…Great work! Ps. Steve Brand is great, glad to hear that he will be continuing on with us!

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