and ‘Blood Song’ in Czech is…

Píseň krve. To be released on 27th November and available for pre-order now from:

Blood Song Czech cover

6 responses to “and ‘Blood Song’ in Czech is…

  • Petr Dolejší

    This is so great. I have wanted to recommend this book to my friends for a long time and they will have finally chance to experince it now. I hope it will do well here.

  • David Štourač

    Hello Antony,

    it’s nice that you care about Czech edition of your work.
    I just finished the Blood song and it’s amazing.
    Thak you for it.

  • David Štourač

    I have to say the story is written so well that I was really sad when Vaelin left Sherin.
    My wife was surprised that I am romantic. Honestly, I was surprised too because I am cynical and captious more. Maybe it came with age.
    But I want to write something else. This moment in the book reminded me how much I love my wife and how important she is for me.
    Thank you for this reminder, Anthony. It was unexpected but welcomed.

    However, I would like to see Vaelin and Sherin reunited at the very end of the trilogy. But I doubt about it based on your interviews and replies here on the blog.

    Once again thank you and please excuse my English.

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