and ‘Blood Song’ in Portuguese is…

‘A Cancao Do San’gue’. Many thanks to Anderson Tiago of the Brazilian fantasy site Intocados for sending me the cover from Leya who will be publishing the book in Brazil (looks oddly familiar I must say). For any Portuguese speakers out there I did an interview for Intocados which you can read here:

Blood Song Brazilian cover


4 responses to “and ‘Blood Song’ in Portuguese is…

  • carlyhp

    It is so awesome that the books are being translated into so many languages. I got to listen to Blood Song while painting this week and it was really awesome. It kept me going! I definitely want to sit down with the book itself.
    As a major fan of Lord of the Rings and the Prydain chronicles, I appreciate how the book follows along these veins but stands alone. “Unputdownable”

    Thank you!


  • Fernando Moraes

    welcome to brazil!

  • Albarus Andreos

    Hey Tony, a great book. You have a new fan here in Brazil! You got it!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Albarus. Enjoying all the appreciation from Brazil, for which due credit should go to my Portuguese translator Gabriel Oliva Brum (@GabrielOBrum on Twitter).

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