And ‘Blood Song’ in Russian is…

‘Песнь крови’. Apparently this has been out since February. Like the Turkish publisher they insisted on working from my author photo for the cover, over my objections naturally.
Blood Song Russian cover

2 responses to “And ‘Blood Song’ in Russian is…

  • Rene Philippe Dubout

    Dear Anthony
    I have been a long time reader of fantasy stuff and have hundred of such books in my ipad. Long time i did not have the opportunity to enjoy myself so much with a new author. I have read the blood song in a day and i m on my way to complete the tower lord reading but i must say i really enjoyed your work. Hopefully you will keep this series going a few more tomes
    Thanks again

  • Arsen

    I am glad to see that readers im my country (who doesn’t speak english) will be able to read Blood Song. Just finished Tower Lord, great book. I am looking forward to read the next one 😉

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