Blood Song – UK Audiobook now available

To a hearty cry of “Finally!” the audiobook version of Blood Song is now available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. Buy it from, iTunes or wherever audiobook downloads are sold.

7 responses to “Blood Song – UK Audiobook now available

  • Jennifer De Leon

    LOVED Blood Song! I think that if the geographical restrictions aren’t worked out for Tower Lord I will be in a deep, blue funk! Seriously, is Audible planning to work this out so that your American fans can enjoy the audible version of your book? Actually, will I be able to get any version of this book on my e-reader?

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi Jennifer,
      Unless my publisher is lying to me they intend to publish Tower Lord in ebook, hardcover and audio formats on July 1st. The pre-order page for Tower Lord hasn’t appeared yet but I expect the book to be available on the stated date.

  • andrewjbusa

    Hey Anthony,

    Just wanted to say how much I loved Blood Song and how much I’m looking forward to Tower Lord. Easily my favorite book I read last year and I can’t wait to see what the future of this series holds. Thanks!


  • Jennifer De Leon

    Hooray! I am so glad to hear that. Thanks for the reply!

  • Adam

    I had been waiting for the Audiobook in Ireland for months and finally it came in June on our honeymoon, much to the dismay of my new wife as I popped in my headphones and was off fighting with Valin. Can’t wait for Tower Lord!!

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