New Interview – FantasyWereld

Thanks to Dave at the Netherlands speculative fiction site FantasyWereld for hosting my first non-English interview, available here for all Dutch speakers:

For those unwilling to resort to Google Translate Dave was also kind enough to post the original English version:

4 responses to “New Interview – FantasyWereld

  • Ron Dador

    Hello there. Just want to say that I truly enjoyed Blood Song last year and will read again before Tower Lord is published. Congratulations on your success! I’ll have you know that I just bought/gifted (via Amazon Kindle) three copies of Blood Song for friends and family members. Happy Holidays!

  • Ron Dador

    My pleasure, Anthony! And may I say that you are an inspiration to me. I’m pretty darn sure that Blood Song is destined to be a series of television or cinema or games someday. I can definitely see it. I hope to achieve the level of success that you currently have with my own writing and pursuits-One step at a time.

  • replied | getdador!

    […] season, I decided to give some family and friends the gift of “Blood Song,” a book by Anthony Ryan via Amazon’s Kindle e-book format. An excellent book by (in my opinion) a future great […]

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