New Slab City Blues Novella – The Ballad of Bad Jack

The latest Slab City Blues novella, The Ballad of Bad Jack, is now available on, and Smashwords. Links also on the books page. Thanks to James at for the excellent cover.


12 responses to “New Slab City Blues Novella – The Ballad of Bad Jack

  • humblenations

    Thanks for the credit man … much appreciated. I wish you every success with this book. Everyone go read it!

  • Yamabuki Zhou

    Incredible story. Loved it. I could not stop reading. Thanks so much.

    • Anthony Ryan

      Thanks Yamabuki, Glad you liked it.

      • Sam

        hey mate, im as excited anyone to read bad jack but what i really want to know is when is tower lord coming out? im stinging for that read! blood song had my attention like harry potter did and no other book has since.

      • Anthony Ryan

        So this is what it’s like to be George RR Martin… without the money.
        As stated before, Sam, you’ll know the Tower Lord release date when I do, but don’t expect it for at least 18 months.
        Thanks for the kind words.

  • Cole

    Love all of your stuff good sir, and I am sincerely hoping that these novellas are going to set up a full book for Alex and company.

  • John

    @Anthony Ryan

    Hi,i’m surprised that the new cover for your hardcover hasn’t been released on the interwebs yet.Any idea when we might get a peek at it ? Hope it’s really epic!

    • Anthony Ryan

      Hi John,
      I’m told the US and UK covers are being worked on but aren’t quite ready yet. Shouldn’t be too much longer though.

      • John

        @Anthony Ryan

        Just came across the US cover on the electronic catalog system Edelweiss site –

        Great cover! Hope the UK cover is out soon too.

  • Anthony Ryan

    Thanks John,
    I was waiting for a high-res version from my publisher before posting it here, but now I don’t have to. I’m told the UK cover is imminent.

  • Dan Cross

    Always looking for the next great fatasy/scifi series. Blood Song is fantastic can’t wait for the sequels.
    Thanks for a great read.

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