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Penguin have advised me they’ll be uploading their edition of the ebook version of Blood Song tomorrow priced at $4.99. Just to be clear this is identical to the current version, it’s just being sold by Penguin rather than me. Due to the nature of digital publishing there’ll be a transitionary period of a few days where my version and Penguin’s will both be available. The Book Page links will be updated when mine disappears.

My version will also continue to be available via the non-US Amazon sites until such time as in-country publishers take it over. So far rights have been sold in the UK, Germany, Bulgaria and Brazil – more news as I hear it.

I can also advise that work on the hardcover edition of Blood Song continues towards a projected release in July 2013. Updates to follow as and when I receive them.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to demonstrate their continued support might consider that an e-reader will make a perfect gift for a loved one (or anyone else) this Wintertide season.

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  • Marc


  • Mac

    Ok, so book 1 will be published in paper form in July, 2013, when is book 2 to be released in ebook form (and paper book)?

  • Monique

    I loved this book. Not giving us as a customer even a hint as to when the next book will be available, means I should stop checking for updates. Good luck on your success, I know you have worked hard to be where you are. If I come across the next novel in the future I’ll be happy to read it, but I wont get my hopes up a finding the next book in the series any sooner than it took Jane Auel to write her last book.

  • Mg. Missionario

    You. Are. Amazing. I saw “Blood Song” on the Kindle Store and read the reviews. It sounded promising (brilliant even), but I’ve come across so many cheesy or just plain bad fantasy novels that I can’t really trust the reviews anymore. So I downloaded the sample. Next thing I know, I’ve got the full edition (at $4.99, which is a STEAL) and cramped legs from sitting for HOURS. Totally worth it. This is now one of my favorite books and probably one of the best in the fantasy genre that I’ve read in a long time. I haven’t adored a main character as much as I do Vaelin since Ender Wiggin. I am absolutely looking forward to Book Two and I’ll probably be purchasing your hardcover of book one as well (I deemed it necessary to have a physical copy on my bookshelf).

    Can’t wait for more XD

  • sophustanus

    Congrats, I loved Blood Song, really looking forward to the next one!

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